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Who knew camping could look like this?

Becky : June 18, 2015 11:55 am : Feature, None or All of the Above, Travel

Unfortunately we only got one camping trip in as a family last summer before my better half took off for work for several months. Which left me unsure if this is something I would feel comfortable to do without him… something to ponder.

Before I made a call on that I went back to the drawing board to sort out a couple things that didn’t work for me on our first camping trip (since I knew there would be camping trips to follow).
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I don’t camp!

Becky : June 10, 2015 11:00 am : Feature, None or All of the Above, Travel

Let’s get a couple things perfectly clear: I don’t camp. I don’t require room service, but I don’t camp. End of discussion.

That’s pretty much been my stance for my adult life, (and no I never camped as a child). Fast forward to coming back from living overseas for 2 years and traveling 50 percent of the time. We now live in southern California, are single income and have a child. So needless to say the weekends in Vegas on two salaries which we enjoyed the last time we lived here were a distant memory. But when my husband found out last April that he might have some time off at the same time our little one was on school break, I thought prefect! Where will we go, because that’s what we had been doing for two years so why would this be any different? Well as it turns out it is different. To start with the cost of living in southern California can’t really compare to the cost of living in a developing nation where a “fast food” meal for a family of 3 would run you $2 and a “sit down” restaurant would run you $20 total.
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Disneyland Tickets!

Becky : February 11, 2015 11:40 am : Domestic, Sidekicks, Travel, Traveling with Kids

Tickets are expensive; there is really no way around it. You can find current pricing here. The general pricing pattern is that the price per day drops dramatically for every additional day you go; there is an additional flat rate fee to make your ticket a Park Hopper Ticket.

Theme Park Ticket – a Ticket allows you to enter 1 park for 1 day; you choose how many days you want to visit a park (within a specified time window), and if you would like to upgrade to a Park Hopper Ticket.

Park Hopper Ticket (upgrade feature) – allows you to go back and forth between both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure freely.

Kids Discounts – Children under the age of 3 are free. There is a slightly discount for children between the ages of 3-10 years.
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Disneyland for Kids of All Ages!

Becky : February 5, 2015 2:58 pm : Domestic, Sidekicks, Traveling with Kids

For kids of all ages! It really is! I visited for my first time before we had a child and my next visit was years later with our almost 3 year old. I had an amazing time during both trips. I now have an annual pass and visit as often as possible with my almost 4 year old. I’ve also travelled to Disneyland with families of all ages and abilities and am always amazed at how much there is to do; we still haven’t gotten to everything.
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Don’t worry we made it home safely…

Becky : October 20, 2014 11:00 am : Bucket List – 3 Months Backpacking Europe

As you may have noticed our European Extravaganza has dwindled in the last 2 months. To not leave you in too much suspense we did make it home safely! However, I was only about half way through sharing our travels with you. Unfortunately, my husband who was helping me compile stories and tips from our travels became unavailable to help any further. I was hoping it was just a temporary blip, but it doesn’t appear to be. So I’m moving on to bigger or better things, or at least other things in till his schedule frees up.

We’ve been busy with camping trips, Disneyland trips, and lots of new fall and Halloween crafts and cooking. My younger (and only) sister has also become a first time home owner of a hundred plus year old farmhouse and is about to become the owner of a dog only slightly smaller than the house and will be joining me in sharing some of her adventures only the way!

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August 8th – Cappadocia, Turkey

Becky : August 13, 2014 11:00 am : Bucket List – 3 Months Backpacking Europe, International

Today we decided to head out on our own. We had loved our tour the day before and had been very happy with the tour company, but we wanted to do a full day of underground cities and then visit another local town we were not staying in. There are lots of tours that visit one city or the other but for both we ventured out on our own; this is also why we had a rental car.

We started out first thing in the morning at Derinkuyu Underground City. This was awesome!!! Top pieces of travel I’ve ever done! It’s really a full city, built down; this isn’t built into the side of a mountain. The city dates back to the 8th century B.C. and supposed to be 60 meters deep and could provide shelter for 20,000 people, (no that’s not a typo).
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August 7th – Cappadocia, Turkey

Becky : August 11, 2014 11:37 am : Bucket List – 3 Months Backpacking Europe, International

A great day! After a nice breakfast at our hotel we tentatively headed out on a full day tour. We signed up for the tour the day before once arriving in Urgup. The tour was run through the local travel office, Red Valley. They had several tours all of which seemed well put together and planned. Our uncertainly came from doing a full day group tour with a 16 month old. One of the reasons we are able to do so much with her is because we hold onto as much control as possible so we can adapt on a whim, which we wouldn’t be able to do on a tour. The other concern was that her behavior would affect the rest of the tour; or slow them down. We didn’t want to negatively impact anyone else’s experience because we had a toddler. Before signing up for the tour we asked about a hundred questions so that we could do our best to prepare for any scenario. We were told that the van we would be using had room for the stroller if we chose to bring it, which was encouraging. So after breakfast we collected our things and headed to the front of the hotel to wait. When the van arrived it was clean and appeared pretty new, (a big step up from our rental car), and as promised had room in the back for our stroller and a second bag our toddler supplies. So off we went with our little one in the Ergo and our day pack; and a trunk of “in case of emergency” items.
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August 6th – Cappadocia, Turkey

Becky : August 9, 2014 11:34 am : Bucket List – 3 Months Backpacking Europe, International

On Monday August 6th we headed out way too earlier to be up, again and had a smooth ride to the Istanbul airport for a flight to Cappadocia. The Cappadocia area of Turkey is known for its underground cities carved into the rook and its vertical rock formations known as fairy chimneys. We were very excited to see and explore the area.
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