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Hello There!

I should probably start with a little backstory to how I came to be in my early-late-twenties with an old farmhouse. I wish it was an exciting story filled with romance, adventures, ups and down, twists and turns – but alas it’s not. I should start out this story with telling you a bit about myself. First, my name is Katie.

Secondly, I’m usually really good at knowing what I want. In fact, once I figure out what I want there is usually little that can stand in my way of getting it. However, 2 years ago when I moved back in with my parents (or my middle age roommates as I sometimes think of them) I had no idea what I wanted, except a place of my own someday.
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My Little Buddy

Let me please introduce my little sister, who stands 6″ taller than me and will be so excited that I’ve decided to call her “Little Buddy” until she comes up with a name for her Page or New House or New Dog which she will be filling us all in on. She is a trained interior designer now working in the business world using her spare time to free her creative side! Check out her new page here!


Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part II

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

What did we have to work with? To be clear, we did have a small oven. It was similar to a small toaster oven and could fit a small to medium size casserole dish, (or pie plate). We also had a grill, not a full size grill, but still pretty large.

I started the planning with how to cook the turkey. My first thought was to deep fry it! I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve eaten it and it makes a great turkey. We did not have a turkey deep fryer so I started looking into buying one or making one. Both were options, but I wasn’t really excited about spending too much money on this. The second concern was that we were living in Morocco at the time, and while they had propane tanks in abundance they were not the most reliable. They use propane for almost everything; we had 4 tanks the size that you would use for your backyard grill, 1 for hot water, 1 for our stove, 1 for our grill, and 1 extra; (because the hot water one was guaranteed to go out whenever we had a house guest taking a shower). My concern with the propane tank and the turkey fryer was that its connection would be a very makeshift method, and the tank itself would not be all that reliable to begin with and it would be used in close proximity to a large vat of hot oil. From a safety standpoint it was not the best plan out there.
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Fire Pit!

The weather has been amazing lately! The days are finally getting longer and made even better by the fact that they are filled with sun. We’ve finally broken out our grill for the first time since getting settled into our house last fall and have been out there most nights. As we spend more time out “there,” (there being the disappointing small patio area at the back of our house), I’ve been tweaking things.
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The Reality 15 – Freshman Know Nothing!

Whoever coined the phrase freshman 15 clearly did so while still in college. Before they found out adulthood would have way more opportunities to gain 15 pounds. One such opportunity is while moving (particularly over a long distance without your kitchen supplies). This results in a lot of eating out; thus the 15 pound dilemma (not to mention the added expense).
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