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Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

After finding a tent I moved onto researching sleeping bags that would be good as we started camping as a family. I didn’t want to spend money on a sleeping bag that we would feel we needed to upgrade right away. And again I wasn’t looking to spend too much in case these were immediately put to the back of the closet, for when we had overflowing guest, if the first camping trip was a disaster. What I landed on was the Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Mummy Bag. These are great all around sleeping bags. I’m not sure I would use them in the snow, but they are a solid 3-season sleeping bag.
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Expanded Camping Items

Not knowing if this whole camping thing was going to stick we made as few purchases as possible to get me started. Once we knew there would be more camping in our future, we expanded a bit. We still tried to take baby steps in expanding our camping gear. The goal of camping was to save money but with all the gear options out there it could be very easy to spend far more than you ever expected, if you aren’t careful. Below you’ll find what we added to our gear before our next trip; and we have loved every piece!
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Product Review – Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Tent

When I started looking into what we would need to start camping as a family, one thing we desperately needed became obvious – A tent! What I found was a whole lot more than just a tent; I found more categories and types of tents then I had any idea about. The type of tent that I decided was for us (at least starting out) was called a cabin tent. I then narrowed down all the options looking for the right balance of features, quality, and price. In the end I came down to the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Tent and my thoughts about camping would never be the same!
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