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Crater Lake National Park

We were originally scheduled for 1 night at Crater Lake National Park on our way to Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, a case of the plague had been tracked down to the campground we had reservations at and it was going to be closed down for several days, including when we were supposed to be there. Making it the second national park we were going to have to miss from our trip. This time around though we were able to change our reservations and add another night camping, turning a very fast 1 night layover into a 2 night stay with a full day of exploring the park.
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Audiobook Review – Exceeded my expectations!

My husband and I have used audiobooks for years on road trips and love them. If we find the right story the times flies by and we have even found ourselves sitting in a parked car trying to get to the end of a cliff hanger moment. When we had a little one we started phasing this out. When she was a baby we would listen quietly while she slept but we can’t even do that anymore. We found ourselves trying to listen to a story while our Sidekick would wake up and ask us who was talking. As I started strategizing for how to keep my little one entertained on our 150 hour road trip this summer I can up with lots of things to entertain her in the back; but I was going to be stuck on my own in the front with nothing to do or listen to and no one to talk to. It was a [[dulling]] (I don’t know what you are trying to say here) realization. So I thought maybe it’s time to try the audiobooks again; maybe she is old enough that I can find stories for her that wouldn’t be too monotonous for me to listen to as well. What a success!!!
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Niagara Falls (and Buffalo, NY)

After a week visiting family we are on the road again; and this time with company! We headed off to Niagara Falls with myself, my 4 year Sidekick of course, and my father (in his own car). After spending almost an hour and a half with the car in park on the highway 30 minutes from our destination we made it! We made it! And just in time for a late dinner!
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Yellowstone, Day 2 – Part 2

Another great day! The plan for day 2 was to see Old Faithful, because you can’t go to Yellowstone and not see Old Faithful. In fact until we got to Yellowstone I couldn’t have told you there was more to do beyond seeing Old Faithful. So the day before we talked to the visitor center about the best time to go. Their answer was of course, before the tour buses which I was completely on board with. The tour bus can arrive as early as 9 and it’s a hour away so I was looking for a 7:30 departure.
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Yellowstone National Park – Far more than I ever would have guessed! – Part 1

We recently visited Yellowstone on a cross country road trip. I was excited to visit it, but honestly we visited because it was on the way. Now that I’ve been though I’m already planning our next trip and it’s going to need to be for much longer than the 3 nights and 2 days we did this time.
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