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Annie’s Snack Packs – Review

I’m not really sure if this is a product review or a travel tip; both I guess.

Our little one has done lots of traveling! Which has made it both effortless and second nature to me, as well as something I am always over prepared for. I would rather do as much work as possible upfront for any trip to make things go as smoothly as possible and to have as little work as possible once we leave home and set out on our adventure. I recently came across something to makes that a little easier, Annie’s Snack Packs.
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Flying with a Toddler, Part #3

Packing a perfect carry-on bag is more than a science, it’s an art form. One I am still working on perfecting; I learn something to improve upon every time I fly. I know not everyone sees it this way, but they just don’t know how to have a good time. My goal whenever we are taking a trip or undertaking a relaxing activity is to spend as long as need be planning and prepping for it ahead of time so there is as little work as possible during the trip or adventure.
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Flying with a Toddler, Part #2

Strollers – Yes! Yes, and yes! The most common question I hear people debating is what stroller to use and when to check it. I know some people travel with the smallest, lightest, easiest umbrella stroller they can find. I’m not going to say this is a bad idea, it certainly does have some upsides; but it’s not the direction we have gone in. We started with a jogging stroller because we lived in the city and walked everywhere. We didn’t use a stroller for travel when she was very small. Once she got a little bigger though we needed something that could be easily put in and out of the car, (on the rare occasion we used the car), but mostly something that would be good for travel. We had thought an umbrella stroller would be the answer to this stroller quest but we moved away from that after doing some research. We went with a Baby Jogger City Mini; clearly bigger and heavier, but actually easier to fold then an umbrella stroller. It was the folding that sold us on it! The pluses that an umbrella stroller can’t give you are: a nearly flat recline, it’s basically a rolling bed, nap time can happen anywhere; and a massive canopy. It’s also a much more versatile stroller for uneven terrain or cobblestone and has a one handed push. Not to mention unlike an umbrella stroller it has a huge basket underneath for storage of everything. – In summary, I don’t recommend getting a new stroller for traveling if you already have a reasonable portable stroller. You should use what you are comfortable with. I just shared what worked for us so you know there are options other than the umbrella stroller.
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Flying with a Toddler, Part #1

Our little one had her first plane ride at 3 weeks old and has been flying pretty regularly since then. For the time being I’m going to skip “Flying with a Baby,” because honestly babies are pretty easy. Let me know if you have any questions about flying with babies though, I can always share what we did. Moving back to toddlers though ..

This post is not about the much larger topic of traveling with toddlers is just about the plane ride! I would say there are three main pieces to preparations when flying with a toddler.

Booking your Flight & Choosing your Seats
To Stroller or Stroller Not To Stroller
Packing a Carry-on to Perfection
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Traveling Morocco – with Kids!

Traveling with kids is wonderful and completely doable, but it’s a different experience than it would be traveling without them of course. When living in Morocco we found that our travel was actually a much richer experience because we were traveling with a small child. The biggest change we made to our travel was to slow down; this allowed us to enjoy the subtleties of the area and culture we were in which would have been missed at a fast pace, ‘don’t miss a thing’ itinerary.
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Cruising and the pool with babies

I swear you can really do this- well I did it and it was awesome!

Last summer we took a cruise with a 15 month old. She was not old enough to use the kids programs yet, and couldn’t go in the pools because she wasn’t potty trained. Which needless to say left us with not a lot of entertainment for her and even less entertainment that would allow us to be semi relaxed at the same time.
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Cruising with Kids – Mai Tai Please!

***** actually written a month ago, well cruising*****

Whenever you travel with kids there are things that will be better and worse, harder and easier. But, I just had the most wonderful experience which has me placing one more point in the pros category. This didn’t make the cruise better because I was with a child, it made having a child better because I was cruising.
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Cruising Fares for Kids

We have taken three cruises as a family; first- pre-kids, second- with a one year old, and third- with a two year old. There’s lots of hints and tricks I’ve come up with (and found on the internet) for cruising with a child. However, right now I’m mostly going to talk about the very dull topic of how fares work for children.
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