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Phil & Ted Traveller

We have a Phil & Ted Traveller and we could not have made it without it. It was the crib my daughter slept in when she first came home from the hospital and more than 2 years later she is still sleeping in it. She has only ever slept in 2 cribs; her real crib in her room at home and the Phil & Ted Traveller. She has actually slept in her travel crib as many nights as she has slept in her full crib. We have done a lot of traveling. Some of which we take the car and way over pack and some of which we travel via train and only pack what we can carry up and down stairs. In either case her travel crib has always come. We know nowadays that many hotels offer babycots, although many of the ones we’ve seen have been pretty scary, but we decided from the very beginning that would always travel with her crib. This way she is use to sleeping with it and there is no change in her sleeping pattern. It’s been well worth the small effort required to always bring it with us.
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