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Our Mini-Me Kitchen

Last year for Christmas Santa brought our then 2 ½ year old a play kitchen and a few things to go along with it. After a lot of research and talking to friends with children we finally decided to take the leap and commit to a play kitchen. My biggest hesitation was the space it would require; there are a wide variety of kitchens out there and most of them have a large footprint. The number one factor that changed my mind was the long term utility of the play kitchen. Everyone I spoke to said the same thing; their children played with the kitchen more frequently and until a later age than I expected. A key determining factor for any of our large gear or toy purchases is the lifespan of the item; based on my initial research I thought the play kitchen would have a long lifespan.

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Annie’s Snack Packs – Review

I’m not really sure if this is a product review or a travel tip; both I guess.

Our little one has done lots of traveling! Which has made it both effortless and second nature to me, as well as something I am always over prepared for. I would rather do as much work as possible upfront for any trip to make things go as smoothly as possible and to have as little work as possible once we leave home and set out on our adventure. I recently came across something to makes that a little easier, Annie’s Snack Packs.
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Baby Jogger City Mini – Product Review

We were looking for a stroller to work for our 15-18 month old while we traveled Europe and parts of Asia via train and other types of public transportation for 3 months. And, if it could be our “car stroller” (compact stroller to live in the trunk of the car to be available when needed) all the better.

Good recline – it would be used for 1 nap a day during our trip
Easy fold – this was a must for hopping on and off trains and going up and down stairs.
Moderate weight – we weren’t looking for a lightweight stroller, but we didn’t want the weight of a luxury stroller, we needed something we could easily carry.
Sturdy (wheels) – this stroller was going to spend a lot of cobble stone streets or bumpier
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BOB Revolution

As I have said before we lived overseas for the first two years of our little one’s life; and during this time we did a ridiculous amount of travel. Because of our strange lifestyle I did what can only be described as an unhealthy amount of research for each and every piece of baby gear we invested in. Including this one, the BOB Revolution Stroller.
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Tents and Tunnels

This was amazing- Santa is a genius! Last year Santa brought our 20 month old the Ultimate Playland Play Tent by PlayHut. He’s very sneaky – it was set up, completely taking over the house and surrounding the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. She was over the moon. At only 20 months I thought she might be a bit timid at first. That could not have been further from the truth. She immediately dove in, and within an hour all four grandparents had snaked their way through the tunnels as well.

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Deuter Backpack Carrier

We have a full arsenal of baby and toddler carriers. They have been our primary means of towing our little one and we have been very happy with almost all of them. Do you really need more than one, or even one at all, well of course not. But is it nice to have at least one, and if possible more than one? Well, yes! They each have their own role and do them great. In the early days we loved our Moby Wrap, and for all around use the Ergo is our go-to; but for real adventures it’s the Deuter Kid Comfort II all the way!
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Ergo Carrier

We lived overseas for the first two years of our little one’s life. During this time we did a ridiculous amount of traveling in areas not suited for a stroller. Which meant we had a full arsenal of carriers. Our favorites are; the Moby Wrap (nb – 6m), the ERGObaby Baby Carrier (nb – current), and our Deuter Child Carrier (6m – current). If we had to pick just one it would be the Ergobaby Performance Carrier . It’s works for every occasion (although it may not always be the ideal choice).
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