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Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part III

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part II

So from here on out things should be easy right. Yes, well they could have been easy. Most of the vegetables and starches could be cooked on the stove top. The problem being my apparent desire to make things as difficult as possible. Many of the recipes I like to use for my holiday cooking require cooking in the oven before serving. So under normal conditions I would cook the turkey in the oven and while the turkey is cooking I would get all the vegetables and starches ready and when the turkey came out I would put everything else in the oven to cook or be warmed. This year’s challenge of course was the fact that our “oven” would only fit one dish at a time and would take twice as long to cook as it should. No problem, maybe… This was going to take some thought.
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Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

I love it! I know that sounds crazy. A couple things. First, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It’s about all the good things- food, family, entertaining, and most importantly relaxing. Which of course means I’m always up for hosting Thanksgiving! I’m willing, if not eager, to be up late baking pies and up early preparing a turkey.

The second is that many people without an oven would not pick that year to host Thanksgiving. I on the other hand was possibly even more excited about hosting Thanksgiving this way because it was a challenge. How are we going to pull this off?!?! I know it’s a little a ridiculous.
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Olive Oil Tastings

So while I love my wine tasting (don’t worry sherry is a wine, I haven’t forgotten about those), I have recently discovered another type of tasting that was pretty amazing, Oil Tastings! I didn’t even know they existed, but yes apparently you can taste test oil. At first, I wondered why anyone would want to possibly do that, but it’s actually really good. I promise!

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Hot Chocolate

Not that I would approve of any such days, but occasionally the temperature does drop below 75 and it’s good to be prepared. My method of preparation usually includes some hot chocolate and a warm blanket.

Today I’m sitting with my feet up looking out the very cold window with hot chocolate and a little peppermint schnapps. Which is one of several spiced up hot chocolate options.
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Sherry – Where have you been my whole life?

If you had said the word sherry to me a couple of years ago I would have put it in the same category as all of the other scary brown liqueurs only old men can drink. While some sherry’s do belong in that category such as the dry Fino’s, there is another very different kind of sherry, the sweet ones, that I knew nothing about. While traveling in southern Spain, I visited Jerez for the first time about 2 years ago for just a few days and then again for a few weeks more recently. On the first trip I didn’t fall in love with sherry, (I was clearly doing something wrong), but on my second trip our eyes met and there’s no going back. Luckily while I didn’t fall in love with sherry that first time, I did fall in love with the area and knew that if possible, I needed to make my way back there. The first trip was a whirlwind; a cathedral, and two bodegas, (places they make sherry, wine and other liqueurs). The tours, (which may have actually been back to back), were fun and interesting and something totally new to me. But during the tastings I was lost. Nothing tasted good, it was all scary. I never go to a wine tasting and leave anything behind, but not this time – I couldn’t do it, I was a failure; or so I thought. Little did I know that they were hiding the good stuff!
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Game Day – Nachos!

It’s just not the same watching the play by play re-creation online as it is watching the real game. Hopefully the Pat’s game will be picked up on the West Coast next weekend, I hope! Nonetheless, that is no reason not to have good food while watching a Colts vs Raiders game I could care less about. Today we’re going with nachos, Easy Nachos!
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