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Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part III

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part II

So from here on out things should be easy right. Yes, well they could have been easy. Most of the vegetables and starches could be cooked on the stove top. The problem being my apparent desire to make things as difficult as possible. Many of the recipes I like to use for my holiday cooking require cooking in the oven before serving. So under normal conditions I would cook the turkey in the oven and while the turkey is cooking I would get all the vegetables and starches ready and when the turkey came out I would put everything else in the oven to cook or be warmed. This year’s challenge of course was the fact that our “oven” would only fit one dish at a time and would take twice as long to cook as it should. No problem, maybe… This was going to take some thought.
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Happy Halloween – may I interest you in an activity instead of a sweet?

Tis the season of too much candy – I’m not trying to keep all the candy from my little one, but I am trying to make sure at the end of October she hasn’t eaten her weight in candy. We are focusing on apple recipes and Halloween crafts instead. I’m also busy preparing Halloween treats to share with the other little ones in our life; to share some Halloween sprite, but not Halloween candy.
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Go Team!

Who’s ready for the first weekend of football? Not me, but I’m very excited about it nonetheless! I’m excited about the months to come of football Sundays; lazily spending Sundays watching game after game while munching on snacks and completely unhealthy food. I look forward to spending Sunday’s cooking in a hot kitchen as the temperatures start dropping outside. I look forward to time spent with friends, family, and fans (Pat’s fans that is).
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Tailgating Menu

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses it’s how… well you eat (or pre-game)! Football and Tailgating, what a wonderful topic. First of all, anything can be tailgating food. You have your staples, burgers and dogs, but tailgating food can run the gamut from clam chowder (for you New Englanders, Go Pats!!!) to Crawdads (for you New Orleans Natives, Go Saints!!!!).
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Wino Wednesdays!

In case you were too busy Tuesday night to enjoy a glass of Champagne don’t worry, there’s still an opportunity to have a drink with friends. If you weren’t busy on Tuesday and you enjoyed your cheese plate and champagne cocktail, feel free to finish up with some dessert. What goes better with wine than cheese? That’s easy, Chocolate!
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Mudslide Monday

Didn’t you have that nagging feeling when you got up this morning that you were forgetting something. Why I bet you had forgotten all about Mudslide Monday; or possibly didn’t even know about it. But really aren’t you already sold on the concept without needing to know anything else? Haven’t your Mondays always felt like they were missing something, (other than more weekend, and possibly an afternoon nap). I would recommend trying a sip of a nice cold mudslide and see if that’s what been missing from your Mondays. And even if it’s not you still have a mudslide in your hand so things can’t be that bad.
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