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Books that Go Bump in the Night

October is by far the creepiest month of the year. And, Halloween plays only a little part to that. People are often blinded by this fact; too engrossed in apple picking, pumpkin latte drinking, and leaf peeping activities to realize just how ominous October is. The gorgeous leaves in their harvest hues- is just nature dying and submitting to winter. The warm days fade away and we are left with nips and chills in the other. The nights become longer and heavy fog rolls in. And, the October sunsets always seem a little unnaturally red…

Now that being said, I love October. One, the clothes are to die for- boots, light jackets, subtle plaid accents… adorbs! And, the sounds of summer- summer traffic, summer pool parties, summer kids out of school playing summer games, all fade away and you’re left with calm and quiet. And, what better things to do when the nights get cold and dark, the world goes silent, except for the sound of squeaky doors and footsteps on crisp leaves, then to grab a blanket and tea and curl up with a book that will make you want to fall asleep with the lights on.
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Stainless Steel- In a Can!

Apparently my Refrigerator is ‘Almond Color’, I translate this as Dingy White. Mostly because I’m pretty sure my parent’s have Almond in their Kitchen, but their refrigerator looks clean. Where as mine looks dirty all the time. I knew I didn’t want to buy a new fridge-  it was not an expense I had budgeted for. And, also I plan on eventually redoing the kitchen (like 5 years down the road) and I would get all new appliances at that point.

Anyways, I went to Home Depot (because once you buy a house it becomes your second residence) and looked at the appliance paint. White, White, or White. So naturally I asked where was the Stainless Steel paint. They guy give me a look like I just asked to see a Unicorn.

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Hunting Down Hardware

So in sprucing up my cabinets I was very excited to pick up new hardware. Picking out knobs and pulls is a lot of fun. There are tons to choose from and they certainly change the look to a kitchen. In fact, does your kitchen feel dated or just need a little facelift? Before you decide to do anything too time consuming like painting the cabinets or changing the floor- Swap out your hardware. Continue reading


DIY- Counter tops

I like to follow trends among the design world. Which mostly means that I browse my New England Home/Home and Gardens/Beautiful Home magazines and think ‘Boy, if I had a million dollars my kitchen would look just like that’.

Fact: I don’t have a million dollars. So my Kitchen will never look like those in the glossy magazines pages. Continue reading


Intro to my Kitchen

In the wake of me buying my house I would pull up it’s profile on zillow and, with pride, show people my new home-to-be. I always got some interesting comments when people scrolled by the kitchen pictures. Comments include:

“It reminds me of the Brady Bunch home, does it come with an Alice?”

“You’re going to keep the Orange counters, right?”

“You actually bought this house?” said in a completely serious tone – This one actually hurt a little.

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New Floors

As you already know, from this post, I struck out when it came to unearthing beautiful floors in my farmhouse. So New Floors were now added to my already very long shopping list. I spent the most on hardwood floors for the main living areas, where there would be the most traffic. And, then I spent a fraction of that for the rooms upstairs.

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Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part III

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part II

So from here on out things should be easy right. Yes, well they could have been easy. Most of the vegetables and starches could be cooked on the stove top. The problem being my apparent desire to make things as difficult as possible. Many of the recipes I like to use for my holiday cooking require cooking in the oven before serving. So under normal conditions I would cook the turkey in the oven and while the turkey is cooking I would get all the vegetables and starches ready and when the turkey came out I would put everything else in the oven to cook or be warmed. This year’s challenge of course was the fact that our “oven” would only fit one dish at a time and would take twice as long to cook as it should. No problem, maybe… This was going to take some thought.
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Thanksgiving without an oven! – Part I

I love it! I know that sounds crazy. A couple things. First, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It’s about all the good things- food, family, entertaining, and most importantly relaxing. Which of course means I’m always up for hosting Thanksgiving! I’m willing, if not eager, to be up late baking pies and up early preparing a turkey.

The second is that many people without an oven would not pick that year to host Thanksgiving. I on the other hand was possibly even more excited about hosting Thanksgiving this way because it was a challenge. How are we going to pull this off?!?! I know it’s a little a ridiculous.
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