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Summer 2015, Road Trip – Itinerary

The itinerary and budget really went hand-in-hand. This might be a good time to bring up the fact that I don’t camp … except that I do …. but not really, it was really an accident, I didn’t mean to start camping but I’m not good at staying at home and until I make my millions it seems to be my best (only?) available travel option …. but don’t tell my husband, we don’t need him knowing I’m willing to camp he’ll have me eating tree bark in the wilderness after a 12 mile hike uphill I just know it! – eak!
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – The Challenge

The better title should be “The First Challenge.” I started with the calendar. How long does it take to drive cross country? Do we have time in our four week window between the family reunion and wedding? As it turns out, with the time we wanted to have on the East Coast (at least a week), it’s possible. It really comes down to how long you want to spend in the car each day. First hurdle – Check!
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – Here we come!

150 hours in the car, just me and my 4 years old, and it’s all my fault. I can’t wait!

As I was gearing up for this summer’s adventure I was talking to my mother and she asked me, “Are you excited about this?” My first thought was – why wouldn’t someone be super excited about the summer vacation they planned? Then I thought – who in their right mind would be excited about spending 150 hours in a car with a 4 year old? I quickly realized these were the conflicting thoughts going through her head when she asked about our trip. Despite those contradictions I am absolutely excited. Part of my excitement is the sheer challenge this trip proposes. Does that make me crazy? I don’t think so, but it might be up for debate.
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Who knew camping could look like this?

Unfortunately we only got one camping trip in as a family last summer before my better half took off for work for several months. Which left me unsure if this is something I would feel comfortable to do without him… something to ponder.

Before I made a call on that I went back to the drawing board to sort out a couple things that didn’t work for me on our first camping trip (since I knew there would be camping trips to follow).
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I don’t camp!

Let’s get a couple things perfectly clear: I don’t camp. I don’t require room service, but I don’t camp. End of discussion.

That’s pretty much been my stance for my adult life, (and no I never camped as a child). Fast forward to coming back from living overseas for 2 years and traveling 50 percent of the time. We now live in southern California, are single income and have a child. So needless to say the weekends in Vegas on two salaries which we enjoyed the last time we lived here were a distant memory. But when my husband found out last April that he might have some time off at the same time our little one was on school break, I thought prefect! Where will we go, because that’s what we had been doing for two years so why would this be any different? Well as it turns out it is different. To start with the cost of living in southern California can’t really compare to the cost of living in a developing nation where a “fast food” meal for a family of 3 would run you $2 and a “sit down” restaurant would run you $20 total.
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Stainless Steel- In a Can!

Apparently my Refrigerator is ‘Almond Color’, I translate this as Dingy White. Mostly because I’m pretty sure my parent’s have Almond in their Kitchen, but their refrigerator looks clean. Where as mine looks dirty all the time. I knew I didn’t want to buy a new fridge-  it was not an expense I had budgeted for. And, also I plan on eventually redoing the kitchen (like 5 years down the road) and I would get all new appliances at that point.

Anyways, I went to Home Depot (because once you buy a house it becomes your second residence) and looked at the appliance paint. White, White, or White. So naturally I asked where was the Stainless Steel paint. They guy give me a look like I just asked to see a Unicorn.

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DIY- Counter tops

I like to follow trends among the design world. Which mostly means that I browse my New England Home/Home and Gardens/Beautiful Home magazines and think ‘Boy, if I had a million dollars my kitchen would look just like that’.

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Intro to my Kitchen

In the wake of me buying my house I would pull up it’s profile on zillow and, with pride, show people my new home-to-be. I always got some interesting comments when people scrolled by the kitchen pictures. Comments include:

“It reminds me of the Brady Bunch home, does it come with an Alice?”

“You’re going to keep the Orange counters, right?”

“You actually bought this house?” said in a completely serious tone – This one actually hurt a little.

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