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Home Inspection Day

Home Inspections- they are not particularly enjoyable for either the seller or buyer. A person comes and walks around the house and tells you every little thing wrong with it. My house was 150 years old there was going to be a lot wrong… Knob and Tube wiring, Broken Tub Faucet, Sub Par Roofing – Fun stuff. None of those were truly a concern of mine or came as a surprise. I knew there was Knob and Tube and I knew the house was old. As long as it wasn’t at risk of collapsing I could handle any curve balls thrown my way. That didn’t mean I didn’t have any  worries. In fact this was a very real conversation I had with the inspector.

“So just so you know, if while you’re looking around you find a dead creature or something, you should probably tell someone. But not me – I don’t want to know, but you should tell someone. Just not me. Thanks.”
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Hello There!

I should probably start with a little backstory to how I came to be in my early-late-twenties with an old farmhouse. I wish it was an exciting story filled with romance, adventures, ups and down, twists and turns – but alas it’s not. I should start out this story with telling you a bit about myself. First, my name is Katie.

Secondly, I’m usually really good at knowing what I want. In fact, once I figure out what I want there is usually little that can stand in my way of getting it. However, 2 years ago when I moved back in with my parents (or my middle age roommates as I sometimes think of them) I had no idea what I wanted, except a place of my own someday.
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