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Yellowstone, Day 2 – Part 2

Another great day! The plan for day 2 was to see Old Faithful, because you can’t go to Yellowstone and not see Old Faithful. In fact until we got to Yellowstone I couldn’t have told you there was more to do beyond seeing Old Faithful. So the day before we talked to the visitor center about the best time to go. Their answer was of course, before the tour buses which I was completely on board with. The tour bus can arrive as early as 9 and it’s a hour away so I was looking for a 7:30 departure.
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Yellowstone National Park – Far more than I ever would have guessed! – Part 1

We recently visited Yellowstone on a cross country road trip. I was excited to visit it, but honestly we visited because it was on the way. Now that I’ve been though I’m already planning our next trip and it’s going to need to be for much longer than the 3 nights and 2 days we did this time.
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – Packing!

Itinerary and car time fun were certaining two big hurdles but the work isn’t over yet. I still need to figure out how to pack for this trip without driving myself crazy. Most of our stays will be between 1 night and 3 nights long; with a total of 23 stops over the 7 week period; staying at campsites, hotels, and with family. Campsites, yes I said campsites, so besides packing what we need personally we will also need camping equipment, sleeping bags, tent and more. Doesn’t this sound like fun already?
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – Itinerary

The itinerary and budget really went hand-in-hand. This might be a good time to bring up the fact that I don’t camp … except that I do …. but not really, it was really an accident, I didn’t mean to start camping but I’m not good at staying at home and until I make my millions it seems to be my best (only?) available travel option …. but don’t tell my husband, we don’t need him knowing I’m willing to camp he’ll have me eating tree bark in the wilderness after a 12 mile hike uphill I just know it! – eak!
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – The Challenge

The better title should be “The First Challenge.” I started with the calendar. How long does it take to drive cross country? Do we have time in our four week window between the family reunion and wedding? As it turns out, with the time we wanted to have on the East Coast (at least a week), it’s possible. It really comes down to how long you want to spend in the car each day. First hurdle – Check!
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Summer 2015, Road Trip – Here we come!

150 hours in the car, just me and my 4 years old, and it’s all my fault. I can’t wait!

As I was gearing up for this summer’s adventure I was talking to my mother and she asked me, “Are you excited about this?” My first thought was – why wouldn’t someone be super excited about the summer vacation they planned? Then I thought – who in their right mind would be excited about spending 150 hours in a car with a 4 year old? I quickly realized these were the conflicting thoughts going through her head when she asked about our trip. Despite those contradictions I am absolutely excited. Part of my excitement is the sheer challenge this trip proposes. Does that make me crazy? I don’t think so, but it might be up for debate.
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