Audiobook Review – Exceeded my expectations!

My husband and I have used audiobooks for years on road trips and love them. If we find the right story the times flies by and we have even found ourselves sitting in a parked car trying to get to the end of a cliff hanger moment. When we had a little one we started phasing this out. When she was a baby we would listen quietly while she slept but we can’t even do that anymore. We found ourselves trying to listen to a story while our Sidekick would wake up and ask us who was talking. As I started strategizing for how to keep my little one entertained on our 150 hour road trip this summer I can up with lots of things to entertain her in the back; but I was going to be stuck on my own in the front with nothing to do or listen to and no one to talk to. It was a [[dulling]] (I don’t know what you are trying to say here) realization. So I thought maybe it’s time to try the audiobooks again; maybe she is old enough that I can find stories for her that wouldn’t be too monotonous for me to listen to as well. What a success!!!

We started with “Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales,” and “The Collected Stories of Winnie-the-Pooh.” Besides these being stories that my Sidekick already had some familiarity with they are also both over 4 hours long, which was rare to find in children’s books. She loved them! We would listen for 1 – 2 hours every day in the car. She loved them and they were pleasant listening for me as well … at least the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time… now I know them by heart. In any event, I’m going to call that a good problem to have. In the car she listened to them during “rest time”, which if we were at home is when she would lie down with books in bed and take a rest or “read.” On days we were in the car she still wanted to listen to them at “rest time.” A huge win all around!

I would completely recommend audiobooks however you choose to do it. We chose to use Audible (an Amazon company) for our Audiobooks. I didn’t want CD’s because I wasn’t looking to have more things in the car or more things to have to find space for at home. With Audible I was able to just download them to her Kindle; nothing extra to pack, keep or lose, it worked great! It also made it easier to listen to outside of the car as well (because CD players are not as common as they once were). We may have even listened in the tent a time or too.

However you do it – Try Audiobooks with your little one!

And if you have already, what do your Sidekicks like the best?

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  1. Pete Saunders

    Great success story! Glad you found books you both could enjoy. If you remember to do it, ask David about the audio book we found when he was 10 or so (if he hasn’t already mentioned it to you), narrated by a fellow named “Odds Bodkins” – it was the “The Odyssey” and he didn’t just ‘read’ the book – Odds Bodkins was a ‘story-teller’ in the best sense of the word and he ‘told’ the story in his words. She might be a little young for it now, but keep it in mind.


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