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When planning our road trip I planned down to a level of detail that some people might describe as unhealthy, but to me it was barely the tip of the iceberg. One of the elements I planned ahead of time (and questioned whether or not I had gone too far) was where we would eat dinner every night on the road. Every night at a campground we would cook our meal, but when we stayed in hotel we would be eating out. Because we were paying to eat out I wanted to take advantage of that and eat something special or unique to a given area. As a result I did a little research and found our dinner locations in advance; making sure they were close to the hotel to limit additional driving.

Melt Bar & Grill

Melt Bar & Grill

This was totally worth it!!! After a full day of driving when we would pull off the highway and approach our hotel it was calling for us, “you’re done, you’re done”! If I didn’t already have a dinner plan we would have gone to whatever franchise place that was in sight. I definitely would not have had the energy or ambition to be creative. Since we already had a restaurant picked and printed on our schedule it was a piece of cake; just enter the address into the GPS without thinking required!



This is the first trip I have ever planned out our restaurants in advance, but I will definitely be doing it again. Not only was it easier but we also had some pretty amazing food along the way that we would have missed otherwise.

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    1. Becky Post author

      Exactly – So while I felt like a crazy person planning it out a head of time it was so nice to have it done when on the trip!


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