Product Review – Travel Play Tray

With over 150 hours logged in the car over the past 2 months we have thoroughly tested this tray; and it is everything I had hoped for and more!

Before I go into my review I want to give you a little background on our use of the tray and the setup in the car. This Kids Travel Play Tray was used mostly for playing and not eating and was used with our Diono Radian Car Seat, which is a slimmer design without armrests. It fit perfectly with this car seat and created an ideal play space for my 4 year old.

This tray has been perfect! My 4 year old can clip it around herself and take it on and off as she likes. The clip around the waist was comfortable and kept the tray in place. This tray is smaller than some on the market which actually makes it easier to move around and store in the car. It’s made of a soft material which is more comfortable to have sitting on her lap, but still sturdy enough to color and play on. The pockets on the side are also great to store extras in during play to limit the number of things falling to the ground.

The play space is about 8” x 12”, making it too small for a traditional coloring book; which in my opinion are often too big and cumbersome. I printed off coloring sheets at home on 5” x 8” note cards. A 5” x 8” note card was just the right size for the tray and fits in the side pocket perfectly. Before heading out on a long drive I added a stack of new note cards / color pages to one of the pockets. I leave the other pocket open for her to use as she plays with other toys throughout the drive.

The tray also included a cut out for a cup within the tray. For our purposes it was just the right size, but it is smaller than a standard Camelback water bottle. I used a kids drinking cup and filled it with crayons for coloring projects and it worked perfectly for that. When not used for crayons it held other small pieces for whatever was being played with.

This is when I would normally list the pros and cons in my review but since I have no cons and everything about it was spot on I’m going to skip that and just tell you we have thoroughly tested this item and I am looking no further. This is the travel tray for us!

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