Summer 2015, Road Trip – The Challenge

The better title should be “The First Challenge.” I started with the calendar. How long does it take to drive cross country? Do we have time in our four week window between the family reunion and wedding? As it turns out, with the time we wanted to have on the East Coast (at least a week), it’s possible. It really comes down to how long you want to spend in the car each day. First hurdle – Check!

Next, this has to be cheaper than the flying option which was already more than I wanted to spend. That balance comes down to how many hours a day you want to drive, how many stops we make, and whether you sleep in the car or the Ritz-Carlton, but again it was possible. Second hurdle – Check!

Biggest hurdle – how do I entertain a four year old in the car when I’m driving without having her watching videos the whole time. I’m going to declare this possible, because anything is possible, but this is going to take some thought….. Check(ish)!

Looks like we are a go! Let the planning commence!

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