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I usually save doing snacks like this just for flying, but since I’ve had to bring my little one to a couple grown up functions recently, I’ve been using this to both entertain and feed her, so I thought I would share it.

When it comes to travel I don’t have my little one help with everything even though I am normally all about including her and having her do as much as possible on her own. When it comes to travel I much prefer taking advantage of the element of surprise! Then the action of just finding out and unpacking what has been packed becomes part of the experience and creates it’s own entertainment (and of course takes more time).

I use the same snack containers I’ve been using for her since she was a baby and we started carrying snacks around at 7 months old. Honestly, I can’t tell why I choose these at the time but now I can’t imagine anything better. They come in sets of 4 (we have 2 sets) and they are made of a very hard plastic. We have been using them for over 3 ½ years and have worked them hard and never had a single problem (until last week). Side Bar – one of the lids fell down to the bottom of the dishwasher and went through the cleaning cycle on the heating element; it didn’t make it; and I swear I almost started crying I was so sad. – Back on topic. As I said they come in sets of 4 containers each with its own matching lid, but the containers can also be screwed together. When connected you do lose some storage space in the lower container but you also don’t have to go hunting for the “right” snack, which is always the one lost at the bottom of the bag/stroller/car, because they are all connected.


So while this snack method could work with any snack containers it works really well with the above described containers (or similar) specifically. I spread out my containers and then start filling something different in each one. Depending on how much entertainment value I’m trying to get out of snack time, i.e. long flights, I will color code the snack to match the container and I’ll use snacks not always available at home. I usually do 6 containers and have one of them be something sweet.

Fresh Snacks:

Anytime/Anyplace Snacks:
Babybell (or other shelf-stable cheese)
Dried Fruit / Dehydrated Fruit
Trail Mix
Animal Cracker (or other semi-sweet cracker)
Fruit Snacks


2 thoughts on “Travel Snacks

  1. Pete Saunders

    This is very timely . . . I’m going on a trip tomorrow . . . is it too late to place my order for some in-flight snacks???

    1. Becky Post author

      Oh, darn – I think it’s too late. Otherwise I would have loved to have made you an in-flight snack!


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