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Not knowing if this whole camping thing was going to stick we made as few purchases as possible to get me started. Once we knew there would be more camping in our future, we expanded a bit. We still tried to take baby steps in expanding our camping gear. The goal of camping was to save money but with all the gear options out there it could be very easy to spend far more than you ever expected, if you aren’t careful. Below you’ll find what we added to our gear before our next trip; and we have loved every piece!

Kitchen Set – I love this! In fact when we move every 2 years I usefully pack up a few things from my kitchen into a box to use while we are waiting on all our belongings. In the future I will just be using this. Back to camping though- This is all you need. It has everything I need for cooking and doing dishes. With 2 pans, 1 skillet, lids, plates and cups the only thing left we need to pack is silverware. I use the large pot to heat water for dishes and the cloth case filled with water to rinse and it makes dishes a breeze. I do still use paper plates instead of the plastic because we use them to start our fire, but I like having a couple plastic ones around for general use. The same goes for the cups we use water bottles most of the time but it’s great to have a few cups, we usually use them for snacks. The only thing I wish it included was some silverware. – Highly recommend!

Multipurpose Tables – I love these tables they are incredibly versatile and good for both inside and outside use. I use one in the screen room of our tent with the cooler under it and kitchen supplies on it. The second one easily moves around to wherever it’s needed- in the shade to play a game, next to the fire to hold our s’more makings, or in the tent to hold stuff. They are easy to move and are very adaptable with the differently height options. We have also used these extensively for outdoor concerts and picnics and we are always asked about them. – love them whether we are camping or not!

Lantern – With a overhead light in our tent and some really nice flash lights from the dollar bin at Target we really didn’t need a lantern. However, with the days getting shorter and doing a lot of fall camping I thought It was probably time. I love this lantern because with it we need nothing else, but our dollar flash lights (one per person). The lantern all together is huge and gives off a lot of light, but with the ability to take off a smaller light you don’t need a collection of separate flash lights or small personal lanterns, you are covered with this one item.

With just the addition of these few items we felt pretty comfortable. Of course we have things on our wish list which I’ll add as we expand but for now we are pretty happy with our camping set up.

I don’t camp!

Who knew camping could look like this?

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      Way better then kerosene – but it takes about 10 pounds worth of batteries! I wish it was rechargeable, but we haven’t had to replace the batteries yet, so they are doing pretty well at least.


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