Product Review – Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Tent

When I started looking into what we would need to start camping as a family, one thing we desperately needed became obvious – A tent! What I found was a whole lot more than just a tent; I found more categories and types of tents then I had any idea about. The type of tent that I decided was for us (at least starting out) was called a cabin tent. I then narrowed down all the options looking for the right balance of features, quality, and price. In the end I came down to the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Tent and my thoughts about camping would never be the same!

Okay, this tent is huge! The overall dimensions are 17′ x 9′, if you can’t picture that it is just a little smaller than the average parking space. The main body of it is one large space that can be divided and split into 2 rooms. We use the large room for sleeping and the smaller room for our stuff. There is also a screen porch as part of the tent. I liked this because it meant that we didn’t need to also have a shade structure in addition to the tent. Which limited the amount of gear we needed to get started and still be comfortable. We use one side of this space to set up our kitchen and food items (minus the grill) and the other half was given to our little for some play space for “inside toys”. And at night our chairs and small table can be piled in there to keep them out of the elements.


There is a slightly simpler version of this tent that we also considered. My husband was actually the one that said this was the one we should go for and I’m so glad we did. Besides being a different color there are really only 2 features included in this tent and not the simpler version. One is, self-rolling windows, which I underappreciated and I’m now in love with. The second, and more important is an overhead light, with several different light levels. Making it easy to keep the light on in “night light” mood while someone is asleep in the tent. – Clearly this tent is amazing and has completely converted a non-camping-me into a camper.

Size of tent – Square footage and height!
Room divider
Screen porch
Rolling windows
Powered ceiling light
Hinged door – I included this as a pro, although we have never used it. The hinged door enters directly into the main body of the tent. We only ever enter the tent through the screen porch so that we track as little into the tent as possible.

Assembly – This tent is a beast to put up; but you end up with a small apartment when completed, so it’s probably to be expected. With that being said I’m 5’3″, and hate the gym and I can put it up and take it down on my own. I do highly recommend having a drink ready for immediately after. I read the instructions and couldn’t find any note of that but I assure you having a cold beer, ready and waiting, aids in the assembly process.

I don’t camp!

Who knew camping could look like this?

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