Hunting Down Hardware

So in sprucing up my cabinets I was very excited to pick up new hardware. Picking out knobs and pulls is a lot of fun. There are tons to choose from and they certainly change the look to a kitchen. In fact, does your kitchen feel dated or just need a little facelift? Before you decide to do anything too time consuming like painting the cabinets or changing the floor- Swap out your hardware.

I went with a cup (or bin) pulls for my drawers. They have nice clean lines and are currently popping up in more and more kitchens. A good example of how what was old becomes new again; I think they first came to fruition in the late 1800s. So naturally they would fit in nicely in my farmhouse Kitchen.


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example of pulls

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For Knobs I just used a basic solid pull. That came in a nice convenient pack of ten at Home Depot.

homedepot knob

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Things I did not factor in was the hinges. My original hardware was an antique brass and I switched everything to satin nickel. So I went to home depot in picked up nickel hinges. And, then went back to the house only  to find they didn’t fit. Apparently not all hinges are created equal. So I decided I would be smarter this time and bring my hinge with me and ask for help. To which I received many a blank look. They were very nice about it, but they couldn’t help me. They didn’t carry any hinges like mine. I then went to Lowes and received the same expressions.

So I was a little lost at this point. But, then a light bulb went off. I’d find a Mom and Pop hardware store. They truly are hidden treasures. They can almost always identify anything. And, if they don’t have it in stock they can usually can order it for you.

So I went to a small corner hardware store not far from where I worked. I handed over my hinge to a very nice gentleman and give my best ‘please help me smile’.

“I’m almost certain this is a ⅜” inset partial wrap hinge.” He said with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

“It is? No one has been able to tell me. Do you have any?” I replied bouncing a bit on my toes.

“Not in the store, but I can order some. How many do you need?”

“40, in satin nickel please!”

“Sure, be right back.”

And, then he left. And, I was so proud of myself. Who needs those big chains like Home Depot anyways? Especially when we have perfect little stores like this. Sure, maybe they would be a little more expensive. But you’re paying for knowledge and service and experience. And, look at me supporting small businesses…

“That will be $203.58.” I stopped bouncing.

“Excuse me, what was that.”

“$203.58. $4.79 each plus tax. Where should I have them sent.” I took a few deep breaths and I tried to control my hyperventilating.

“You know before you order them, I just want to do one last count to make sure I have the right number. I’ll be right back.” And, then like the coward that I am I ran out the door.

After I got over the initial shock I realized it wasn’t a wasted trip. I knew what hinges I needed. So, I found them online and was able to order all of them for $71.80. I still feel a little bad that I didn’t give any business to the only man who was actually helpful with this whole process. But, I do go back to the hardware store (wearing a trench coat, large hat, and sunglasses so I’m incognito) from time to time and pick up little odds and ends.


22 Satin Nickel Knobs,  $19.98 for pack of 10, $2.99 for one


11 Satin Nickel Cup Pulls,  $24.95 for 10, $2.19 for one


40 Hinges in Satin Nickel, $3.59 for 2


Total Hardware $144.88


sneak peek!


So hardware cost a pretty penny, or should I say pretty nickel, pretty satin nickel…

Get it?
I’m so funny!

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