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I like to follow trends among the design world. Which mostly means that I browse my New England Home/Home and Gardens/Beautiful Home magazines and think ‘Boy, if I had a million dollars my kitchen would look just like that’.

Fact: I don’t have a million dollars. So my Kitchen will never look like those in the glossy magazines pages.

As you may already know I have outrageously orange Formica counter tops. I didn’t have much of a game plan for them, painting them maybe or attempt one of those Rustoleum counter top kits. I really wasn’t sure. But then my sister, Becky sent me the link to a DIY Concrete counters. I knew Concrete counters were a thing, but I assumed it was a professional job. I didn’t even realize you could recreate the look over your own counters.

This isn’t a tutorial for how to do Concrete counters yourself although I suppose I could put one together if there was any interest. But in the mean time you can follow these links.

But, I will supply you with some of my own advice.

  1. Do a trial test (if you can)- I had a little area where I was able to practice bit with the concrete. It’s was a small 2 ½ foot counter top separated from the large counter. I figure If I didn’t like the way it came out I could always just buy a really big microwave and cover most of it. I learned a lot from the trial counter.
  2. Do many thin coats and smooth out as much as possible- My first round. I laid down a very thick layer and made no effort to smooth out any the ripples. I figured I could just sand it down after the fact. Which I did, but the pattern from the ripples never completely vanish and it took FOREVER to dry.
  3. If the concrete starts to stiffen before you finish add a little more water to smooth it out.
  4. If it’s a large area 2-3 people do a better job. Assign tasks and areas so no one is on top of each other.
  5. Splurge on Sealer! I knew I wanted a sealer that was food safe. So I went with Chengs Concrete Sealer.
  6. Embrace the imperfections. It makes the counters distinct and more important they truly become your counters.
Before of long slab

Before of long slab


1st Coat still a little wet

Cabinet Body

Dried and Being sealed…. *Spoiler alert- I paint my cabinets white!*


Is it worth it? When doing it over counter tops that you aren’t in love with- Absolutely!!! Is this the counter I see in my dream kitchen? No. But it’s perfect for my current kitchen and more importantly my current financial situation!

Products I used-

Home Depot Henry Feather Finish.

$16.97- 7 lb  I needed exactly one bag for my kitchen.


Ardex Feather Finish– This had better reviews but I would of had to order online and didn’t have time to wait for delivery.

$32.34- 10 lb bag


Cheng Concrete Sealer

$28.95- 500ml I used exactly one bottle.

optional add on

Cheng Concrete Countertop Wax
– I had planned on using this, it protects against oil stains and adds a sheen. But in the end I opted not to, I liked the matte look.

$23.50- One jar


Note: I did not include tools used such as towels and buckets. These supplies I already on hand. And if you don’t ask around I’m sure you may have a friend who will loan them to you for this project!

Total Price for ‘brand new’ counters- $45.92

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