Intro to my Kitchen

In the wake of me buying my house I would pull up it’s profile on zillow and, with pride, show people my new home-to-be. I always got some interesting comments when people scrolled by the kitchen pictures. Comments include:

“It reminds me of the Brady Bunch home, does it come with an Alice?”

“You’re going to keep the Orange counters, right?”

“You actually bought this house?” said in a completely serious tone – This one actually hurt a little.

But yes, to sum up, my kitchen was awful. But over the next month you my friend will be privy to all my upgrades. See below for some heinous before pictures.

door into kitchen

Odd doorway into Kitchen


Check out those light fixtures!

kitchen one

You don’t see that hue of orange everyday.

kitchen three

Door to bathroom and mudroom


Don’t forget the backsplash!

I tried to keep upgrades to my Kitchen to around $500. All the appliance, although dated, worked just fine. So money went into cosmetic upgrades. Hopefully a few years down the road I can afford my dream kitchen, but for know what I have will do. Once we vanquish those counter tops!

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