New Floors

As you already know, from this post, I struck out when it came to unearthing beautiful floors in my farmhouse. So New Floors were now added to my already very long shopping list. I spent the most on hardwood floors for the main living areas, where there would be the most traffic. And, then I spent a fraction of that for the rooms upstairs.

The downstairs floors are a dark hardwood that will hold up well to puppies and high heels.

The upstairs floors were the cheapest unfinished pine I could find at  $1.69. They were long planks and I stained them once with a cherry finish and then three times with a polyurethane. And, they came out beautiful.

So obviously I should be thrilled that I spent so little and they came out so nice- except mostly I’m annoyed.

Let me show a sample dialogue during tours of my house.

Living Room


Guest: The floors came out really nice.

Me: Thank you so much! I’m really happy with them.



Guest: These floors are absolutely beautiful.

Me. Thanks

Guest: Where did you get them? I would love to do something like this in my house.

Me: They are just white pine nothing special.

Guest: They just have so much character.

Me: Right. Sure. I’m going to go drink wine and admire the floors that I will being paying off for the next two years.

And, then the tour ends…


I (begrudgingly) am happy with how they turned out. It was really simple, I didn’t even have to sand the floors upstairs. I also saved money by laying the floors myself (and by myself I mean I went to a patriots game and while I was gone my hardworking friends laid them).


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