Disneyland with Kids!

It goes without saying the any trip to Disneyland would be a wish come true for most kids. Watching a child at Disneyland can also be just as joyous. – That being said it can also be a lot of work, a lot of money, and having a tired grumpy toddler on your hands can end anyone’s fun pretty quickly. So here are a few notes to hopefully keep your trip siding towards blissful rather than traumatic, for all included.

What’s the right age? – There is no easy answer for this; it’s for every family to decide for themselves. Babies – you can absolutely do Disneyland with a baby (and they are free). Personally I would recommend that you make sure you are going for your personal enjoyment and experience and not their’s. With a baby carrier they can go on many of the rides with you, but clearly they will not be getting anything special out of the experience so just make sure your goals are set accordingly. Toddlers – This is a great age for them to start and appreciate what is going on. We went for the first time shortly before our little one turned 3. I was concerned she might still be too young, but children under 3 are free so we went for it and it was great. She was a great age for the trip and I personally didn’t feel we had missed out not bringer her any younger. Post-Toddler Ages – Yes, go you’ll have fun! There are unlimited things you can do for any interest and excitement level.

How many rides will my little one be able to go on? – Lots! In Disneyland Park only 8 out of the 53 attractions have any height requirement at all. In Disney California Adventure Park 11 out of 31 attractions have a height requirements. This big cut offs are 32” and 40”. At 32” 3 more rides will be opened up to your little one including 2 of the 3 rides in the new Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park. At 40” your little one, or not so little one, will be able to go on all but 5 rides in both parks combined. See a full list of height restrictions below.

The other criteria you’ll want to keep in mind when going on rides if you have multiple kids is age. In order for two children to ride together they either both need to be over the age of 7 or the oldest needs to be over the age of 14. This is true for all rides in both parks.

Disneyland Park Height Requirements:

32” – Autopia
35” – Gadget’s Go Coaster
40” – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
40” – Space Mountain
40” – Star Tours
40” – Splash Mountain
42” – Matterhorn Bobsleds
46” – Indiana Jones Adventure

Disney California Adventure Park Height Requirements:

32” – Luigi’s Flying Tires
32” – Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
36” – Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies
40” – Jumpin’ Jellyfish
40” – Radiator Springs Racers
40” – Silly Symphony Swings
40” – The Twillight Zone Tower of Terrior
40” – Soaring over California
42” – Grizzly River Run
42” – Goofy’s Sky School
48” – California Screaming

After you’ve decided a trip to Disneyland is for you there is lots of work to do. I take that back; there can be lots of work to do and I recommend taking this approach. As always I recommend doing as much work, research, and preparation ahead of time to have to most relaxing time possible once you arrive on your adventure; (this is true traveling with or without kids although clearly traveling with kids brings the work load to a whole new level).

Below are a few topics I will be covering in the next few weeks and how I would recommend approaching them all to make your trip as smooth as possible: STAY TUNED

Stroller (and carriers) – YES and yes again!!! … coming soon.

Food – This is one of the areas you can save a lot of money! … coming soon

Fastpass / Rider Switch – Using these together can actually be a real blessing, eliminating almost all line waits, and letting your older kids go on t

he big rides twice as many times! …coming soon

Souvenirs – Another area that you can save a lot of money on, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get to go home without some fun souvenirs. … coming soon


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