Disneyland for Kids of All Ages!

For kids of all ages! It really is! I visited for my first time before we had a child and my next visit was years later with our almost 3 year old. I had an amazing time during both trips. I now have an annual pass and visit as often as possible with my almost 4 year old. I’ve also travelled to Disneyland with families of all ages and abilities and am always amazed at how much there is to do; we still haven’t gotten to everything.

Disneyland is made up of 2 parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. In my opinion, purely my opinion; the 2 parks are of equal scale, quality, and quantity of entertainment to be had, (although Disneyland Park probably does have more attractions).

Disneyland Park is the original Disney Theme park; which Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was later based on. It showcases mostly the Disney movies and characters. It also houses some of the most well-known Disney attractions: Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderella’s Castle, and many more.


Disney’s California Adventure Park is inspired by California and Disney’s long history in Hollywood. It features mostly the Pixar movies and characters. It also includes the new Car Land, which is a complete replica of Radiator Spring’s Main Street from the Disney Cars movie, and houses Disneyland’s most popular ride, Radiator Spring Racers.


Both parks offer 2 very distinct themes and feels; making the whole Disneyland experience that much broader. They offer rides for all ages from the littlest guest who will love the train, to the thrill seeker that will ride every roller coaster, and everyone in between. Now that I’ve gotten to know Disneyland a lot better, it’s how much there is beyond the ride that impresses me. There are small shows for a variety of interests throughout the day, street music and performers of every stripe, a 50 minute Broadway style show, and very different after dark shows in each park. This doesn’t include the holidays and special events that go on throughout the year which have become some of my favorite times to visit.

This is only the start though – once you’ve decided to visit Disneyland the work has just begun. When visiting Disneyland we do it just like any other trip; complete as much work as possible in advance in order to do as little work as possible when there. And at Disneyland the cost of not doing a little advanced planning can be spending your whole day waiting in lines to go on half the rides you wanted to; and the payoff can be sitting back in the sun at noon with a frozen margarita in your hand because you’ve done everything you’ve hoped to and more.

Where to start:

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland – This is the only reference book I’ve ever used and it’s perfect in every way! I have used both the Disneyland and Disney World guides for a decade, while traveling as: young and carefree, young and in love, still in love but with child, extended family trips, and with family members needing dietary, associability, hearing, and more accommodations. We’ve done it all and we’ve done it with just this book and the Disney website.

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