The Wood Floor’s That Weren’t

Prior to actually owning my house all I knew was that every room was covered in heinous carpet. Which was fine. I wasn’t about to rock a hideous shag carpet, because I knew that underneath the God awful flooring could be nice wood floors. Wood floors that once refinished could shine like a diamond in the rough. There was one room on the 2nd floor where you could pull up the carpet and see wide wood planks. So I was optimistic. Sure it would probably be a softwood like Pine or Fir, but that was fine with me. My whole motto during this adventure has been I’m not looking for good, just good enough.

I should probably set the stage for you… It’s the first Saturday after my closing. I head out with my dad at 7:00 am only to stop at Dunks (or Dunkin Donuts for the non-New Englanders) for a Box of Joe. Two of our friends joined us, because apparently they don’t have better things to do on Saturday mornings like sleep. Something about boys and anything resembling demo, who knows? Luckily they brought their own coffee, because the Box of Joe- that was for me.


Pink plush carpet with pink walls.

It was a fun game we played, yelling out the flooring that was undercovered underneath the carpet.

“Wood.” Someone would chime.

“Wood.” Someone else would echo from another room.

“Wood, here too.” Beautiful sounds I tell you.

“Tile.” Wait what?

“More Tile.” Nooooooo

“Tile, here too.” At which point I considered trading in my Box of Joe for a Box of Wine.


The Red of Pain… Because it’s an eyesore

Anyways, the guys were great and they headed out around 11:30. With all the Carpet removed and only a million staples to remove.

My downstairs was all Tile. That’s okay though. No, it really is. Because I had the upstairs and it was all wood. Wide plank! It needed some patching but that was okay. Until, my Dad took me aside.

“Your upstairs is all Subflooring.” Meaning I don’t really have a floor that can be finished. Just the floor in which I can put flooring on top of.


Gotta Love some multi colored shag!

And, that was Day 2 of being a Homeowner- I’m definitely going to need that Box Wine.

One thought on “The Wood Floor’s That Weren’t

  1. Mary Davidson

    that’s okay, you will have that new prefinished hardwood put in, it is beautiful. And tile is actually good for a dog downstairs, it really is.


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