New Roomie!

So I ended up getting a roommate. People kept asking me if I was going too- So I did. She moved in a few Saturdays ago. She’s very sweet. Enjoys the outdoors, has the same taste in shoes as I do, has a bit of a nipping problem – but we’re working on that. She also pays her rent in licks and kisses! Without further ado meet Duchess.


Snow Lover



Exhausted after a long walk


Duchess is a Leonberger. An incredibly beautiful species, smart, loyal, great with kids and, oh yeah Huge! She’s has the potential to be 120+. Which means I have to be very strategic in my puppy proofing. Sometimes I stare at the Orchid on the top of my bookcase and apologize, because I’m pretty sure it will eventually face a vicious death by puppy.




Sitting like a good girl


The day I picked her up

Oh well- the orchid cannot compete with this kind of cuteness!


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