Kids Christmas Craft – Painted Ornaments

Last year my little one, at 2 ½, was old enough to really get involved with Christmas; beyond decorating the Christmas tree and decorating Christmas cookies. I wanted her to get involved with the Christmas presents, and while I’m sure she will master shopping someday I didn’t want to start that just yet. So I set out to come up with something she could make. Anyone who uses Pinterest knows there are endless options out there and here is one more for you! While spending far too long in the checkout line of my local craft store I couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering about at all the things I might still need. What they landed on was a wall of unfinished Christmas ornaments. They were just screaming potential! At a dollar a piece, in case I miss heard them and they were actually screaming disaster, it was worth a shoot.

We painted Christmas ornaments for family members, 6 in total. We started with very simple unfinished cardboard ornaments in 6 different shapes. After setting up a safe painting area for a 2 ½ year old, aka- blanketing my craft room and all furniture in drop clothes, we started!


She painted 3 in red and 3 in green. We used 3 shades of paint for each; using paint I already owned. We started with red. I gave her the first ornament on a paper plate and the medium shade of red to start painting with and let her go. She painted away and when she declared she was done (about 2 minutes later), I gave her the next ornament, and then the next. We then moved onto green and did the same thing. After that we called it quits for the moment.


The beauty of layering paint over time means I don’t need to worry about her covering the whole thing or missing spots. Everything will get covered eventually. Also, she can complete the project over hours, days or week depending on her attention span.


Over a couple of days we revisited the ornaments, adding layers of paint until everything was covered. When she finished painting, I jumped in and helped for the first time (the painting was all her). I used a clear spray gloss like this, which you can get at your local craft store as well, and coated the ornaments completely.


Project finished and she had made her first set of Christmas presents! I am thrilled with the way they turned out, not to mention how stress free the process to make them was!


New problems – what to make this year? Still working on that one….

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