Where to Start?

There was a lot to be done to my house. So before closing I started to brainstorm exactly what I wanted out of my house and I came up with Phases. To date there are six of them. My plan was to make sure I knew all my long term goals so I didn’t make any changes I would regret later down the road.

They are all as followed

Phase 1- Get house ready for me to Move in- Remove Wallpaper, New Floors, Cosmetically Sprucing up of current Flooring, Replace Knob and Tube. Paint. Replace Lighting In Kitchen, Mud Room, Living Room, and Bedroom. Move in and get a dog.

Phase 2- Downstairs Bathroom- Move Bathroom from off of the Kitchen to spare room on 1st Floor. Have Plumbers do rough plumbing. Come up with a Floor plan, Possibly move Laundry to this area as well. Have rough plumbing done for Future 2nd Floor Bath as well (May need a floor plan for 2nd floor).

Phase 3- 2nd Floor Bathroom

Phase 3.5- Possibly Move to 2nd Floor and change 1st Floor Bedroom into Living Space?

Phase 4- Kitchen Redo. Big Plans for this Phase!

Phase 4.5- Exterior Landscaping/Hardscaping

Phase 5- Attached Garage with Master Suite above.

Phase 6- Covert Current Detached Garage into Garden Shed/Sugar Shack/Guest house/To be determine.

This may seem silly and aspects of the phases may change over time. But it’s important to have a general idea of where I’d like to be down the road. I didn’t touch either of the 2 bedrooms that will be eventual bathrooms. As sad as it is to have unfinished rooms in my house. It’s not worth putting money into them now when I’ll just be changing them later down the road.

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