Home Inspection Day

Home Inspections- they are not particularly enjoyable for either the seller or buyer. A person comes and walks around the house and tells you every little thing wrong with it. My house was 150 years old there was going to be a lot wrong… Knob and Tube wiring, Broken Tub Faucet, Sub Par Roofing – Fun stuff. None of those were truly a concern of mine or came as a surprise. I knew there was Knob and Tube and I knew the house was old. As long as it wasn’t at risk of collapsing I could handle any curve balls thrown my way. That didn’t mean I didn’t have any  worries. In fact this was a very real conversation I had with the inspector.

“So just so you know, if while you’re looking around you find a dead creature or something, you should probably tell someone. But not me – I don’t want to know, but you should tell someone. Just not me. Thanks.”

My shower with the broken faucet.

My shower with the broken faucet.


Later another conversation with the Home Inspector, who was up in my attic. 

“Installation is awful up here, do you want to take a look.”

“No, thank you.”

“You sure?”

“Yup, did you find anything Dead up there?”



“Did you find anything alive?”


My creepy utility room, with access to the attic.

That’s pretty much how my home inspection went. I actually recruited my sister (who had just flown in from CA), father and a family friend to accompany me at the home inspection. It’s good to have a second (and third and fourth) set of ears. It was also helpful to have other people onsite in case the inspector needed to tell someone (not me) about the presence of a dead animal. I suppose I’m not the model Homeowner, but we all have our priorities. Mine was to make sure Me and the Cat were the only ones in the house with a pulse.

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