Annie’s Snack Packs – Review

I’m not really sure if this is a product review or a travel tip; both I guess.

Our little one has done lots of traveling! Which has made it both effortless and second nature to me, as well as something I am always over prepared for. I would rather do as much work as possible upfront for any trip to make things go as smoothly as possible and to have as little work as possible once we leave home and set out on our adventure. I recently came across something to makes that a little easier, Annie’s Snack Packs.

These prepared snack packs are great! Don’t get me wrong I still have enough food with me to feed my toddler for days if it were to come to that, (and no I can’t imagine how it would). I use these boxed snack packs for when we are going to be flying during meal time. It couldn’t be simpler: drive to store – buy box – put box in carry on – at meal time open box.

The two I like have: cheese cracker, hummus, mini bunny cookies, and fruit snacks; the second has almond butter instead of the hummus. (I sometimes add an applesauce pouch to this to complete the meal.) Both the hummus and the almond butter are packed so they can be squeezed onto a cracker and don’t require any utensils. Other options include trail mix and granola bars. I like the hummus and almond butter, those makes it feel a little more meal like instead of just an assortment of snacks. Regardless of which you pick though they work out great when flying. They are exciting and distracting because they are new and different and in a fun box. My 3 ½ year old only gets them when we fly and loves them. There is also a drawing on the inside of the box that could be colored in for more entertainment; we haven’t gotten that far yet. I usually refill the box will all the trash we are able to accumulate at our seats.

They are about $3 – $4 each, and clearly I could go and buy everything separately and put it together on my own for much less, but the excitement and entertainment value of the box is worth it. They are also priced at about half of what it would cost to purchase a similar snack box on the airplane, which makes it w a good middle ground.

Notes: You can find these at Target. To my knowledge they are not available anywhere else at this time. Also, if anyone from Annie’s is reading this a paper napkin in the box would be great!

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