Baby Jogger City Mini – Product Review

We were looking for a stroller to work for our 15-18 month old while we traveled Europe and parts of Asia via train and other types of public transportation for 3 months. And, if it could be our “car stroller” (compact stroller to live in the trunk of the car to be available when needed) all the better.

Good recline – it would be used for 1 nap a day during our trip
Easy fold – this was a must for hopping on and off trains and going up and down stairs.
Moderate weight – we weren’t looking for a lightweight stroller, but we didn’t want the weight of a luxury stroller, we needed something we could easily carry.
Sturdy (wheels) – this stroller was going to spend a lot of cobble stone streets or bumpier

Large basket -if we are going to have a hassle of dealing with a stroller it should do something to make our life easier
1 handed push – we got so use to this with our BOB we were not looking forward to the idea of going back to umbrella stroller handles
Canopy – we were going to be traveling in the heat of the summer, a big canopy would be nice

We found all these in the Baby Jogger City Mini. The recline on this stroller is almost flat which was great for not only napping, but also for a mobile changing table. Its canopy and basket are also massive. The canopy has 3 sections that can cover the whole seat easily; only legs that can easily reach the foot rest may see some sun. The basket is great. It may not easily fit the biggest diaper bags out there, but it will comfortably fit an average sized diaper bag and still have room for stuff. It also has a small mesh pocket on the back for your small extras. It’s where we keep an extra blanket. It also has a one handed push; or I should say it use too. It has a great one handed push, but with a 30 lb toddler in it and a fully loaded basket it’s one handed push is getting a little tough. No stroller could live up to a one handed push with what I can fit on it/in it/hanging from it.

The real magic (am getting giddy just think about it) is in the fold of this stroller. It’s amazing, really! So here’s what you do, in the seat of the stroller there’s a red strap which reads “pull”, when you would like to fold the stroller you hold on to the red strap and lift up. The stroller folds locks and does a little dance (okay maybe I’m the one dancing, at least in my head). That’s it! You lift the strap and you are ready to keep moving. Just to give you all the facts, if you were to read the instruction manual for the stroller (who does that sort of thing? Me- I know it’s weird) it would tell you that after unfolding the stroller you are to snap two red straps into place under the stroller. These are actually the ends to the magic red pull strap. Snapping them into place stops the stroller for accidentally folding, it also prevents the magic one handed fold I described. I have never snapped them into place and not only have I never met someone with this stroller who has used them I have never met someone who had this stroller that even knew the two little red straps existed or what they were for.

In summary:

One handed push
Sturdy wheels and frame

Rubber handle bar cover split after only a couple months of use.

Note for Baby Jogger:
If baby jogger ever reads this though I would love little pockets inside the stroller for my little one to reach like my BOB has.


When we first got this stroller we wanted it for easy travel and didn’t buy any baby jogger accessories for it (it is bulkier and harder to lock when folded and loaded with accessories). The only accessories we bought right from the beginning were hooks to hang things from the handlebars (which is clearly stated on the stroller you can’t do).

Hooks – you should have a set of these for every stroller you own. We do and there is no better hook out there. They velcro on easily and securely. The Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks themselves are simple, strong, and small. Big enough to hold anything but not any bigger then then need to be; I don’t even notice them on the stroller when they aren’t in use and they don’t drag things on the ground because they hang too low.

Baby Jogger Accessories

Console – this console is good, not great but I would still get it over any other because it fits the stroller so well. What I don’t love about it is that it’s bulky and only has one cup holder.

Cooler – love it! That said you might not need a cooler. We got both the cooler and the consolel for our first Disneyland trip and while both have worked out great it’s the cooler I love for our Disneyland outings. The people working security, who I’m thinking have seen everything, always comment on it. Things to know – it’s exactly the size of 6 cans of soda lined up in a single file line together. That’s how tall it is, you will not be able to do large bottles standing up. That said for a picnic lunch for two or three it works great. It fits securely to the stroller you don’t even know it’s there. The stroller can fold with the empty stroller cooler attached. It’s possible but precarious to fold with the cooler packed, and I wouldn’t recommend it. That being said, I still do it. I don’t pack anything in the cooler that can’t be squished; we have these snack containers and they work great. They are strong enough to take any squishing and I can fit 5 of them in a row (yes I own two sets that’s how much I love them).

Note – When we fly I take off both the Console and Cooler and leave them at home. It’s one less thing to get damaged when checking the stroller and makes the fold easy and as simple as possible.


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