August 6th – Cappadocia, Turkey

On Monday August 6th we headed out way too earlier to be up, again and had a smooth ride to the Istanbul airport for a flight to Cappadocia. The Cappadocia area of Turkey is known for its underground cities carved into the rook and its vertical rock formations known as fairy chimneys. We were very excited to see and explore the area.


Upon arrive at the Konya we were not greeted by our rental car. After a very long process we eventually departed with a very disappointing rental car and car seat. Had there been car washes with coin operated vacuums available we would have stopped and I would have cleaned the car myself. Nonetheless we were on our way. We arrived at the Ürgüp İnn Cave Hotel just in time for some afternoon naps. And yes our room was really was a cave! We also reviewed the tour options offered through the local tourist office and pick out how we would be spending the next day.

After regrouping a bit we headed into town on foot to check things out. After a little walking and picking up some supplies we found a place for dinner. And once again upon arrival we were greeted by … no electricity. There was a power outage throughout the town so we camped out for a whole with drinks and bread for the little one and waited to see if our luck was going to change. Eventually the power came back on and we enjoyed a very nice dinner. All things considered not a bad first day, or at least we survived our first day.


Post-Game Notes:

Guidebooks – We used Lonely Planet Turkey for this portion of our trip and were very happy with it. It was useful both during the planning phase before the trip and while in the country traveling. We didn’t have any guidebook specifically for Cappadocia and never found the need for one with Lonely Planet Turkey.


Turkish Airlines – Great! The flight was inexpensive and such an easy way to get to Cappadocia, (which is a 1 or 2 day drive otherwise). Turkish Airlines was a pleasure to travel with and even included free checked baggage. I would fly with them again.

Avis Rental Car – I researched several companies and they were all similar in price so we choose to go with a name we knew. The problems we had with them did not appear to be their fault. There was an error with the reservation itself. I would probably try them again, if they were still cost competitive. – Car Seat Note: If at all possible I would recommend bring your own car seat, (regardless of rental car rental company). Car seat rentals are expensive and you never know what you are going to get. Especial with a smaller child like we had, rental car seats have never been the right size, they have always been designed for a much older child.


Lodging – We stayed at the Ürgüp İnn Cave Hotel for about $60 per night including breakfast. I really wanted to stay at a cave hotel and many of them were far more expensive. The Ürgüp İnn was a cave hotel on a budget. It was fine, reasonably clean and decent service levels. It was a good hotel for the price but if you could spend a little more I would check out the other options.

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