August 2nd – Basel, Switzerland

The following day after overcoming our disappointment we set out for our full day in Basel and quickly realized that we had seen most of it the night before. The tourist information office was open though and we were able to get a map and spent the day following a couple recommended walks. In fact, the highlight of our trip was talking to the tourist information office about Christmas markets in Basel and how exciting a city Basel is over Christmas. Fortunately, we were already planning on being in Switzerland over Christmas and started making plans to take a trip to Basel’s Christmas market. All in all it was a pretty relaxed trip and we were able to get ready for an airplane flight the next day, (which requires way more work than train travel), and our 2 weeks in Turkey which started with a 4:30 am cab ride to the airport. Stay tuned!


Post-Game Notes:

Transportation – The train was wonderful as always and once we knew where we were going the tram was very easy, clean, and efficient to use. Despite being an above ground tram and having to lift the stroller on and off it, it was still stroller friendly.

Lodging – We stayed at the Adagio Access Saint Louis Bale (Ex Citea) in France (just over the border) for $114 a night. It was too expensive for us to stay in Basel although we would have loved to. Stay just across the border still allowed us very easy access; we would make about a 3 minute walk to the tram stop just on the other side of the border and be in the center of town within minutes. As far as our stay at the Adagio Access Saint Louis Bale, it was very disappointing. Adagio is a line of Accor Hotels that we had not try before, but is supposed to have apartment style rooms. It sounded perfect. When we were there in August of 2012 however, it had just recently been bought by Accor and had not been renovated and brought up to their standards. In its state at that point, I would not recommend staying there. The rooms were dirty, hot, and the service was lacking. I would give them a second chance though if I were to find out they had been renovated and were know more what I expect from an Accor hotel.

Holidays – We visited Basel on August 1st, which now we now means everything was closed, and many things were still closed the next day. If you would like to visit for National Day I recommend you doing more research then we did.

Sites – I highly recommend visiting the tourist office. They had a variety of walks through the town all clearly marked designed to take you through historic area, shopping area, etc., or whatever your interest is.


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