July 31th – Munich, Germany

From Salzburg we took the very easy train to Munich which our little one slept through beautifully. Upon arrival at the Munich train station a friend met us on the platform with bus tickets in hand. We exited and were on the bus in a matter of minutes. Among the many reasons we were excited to visit Munich was to see our friends who also had two young children, (almost 5 and 3). It has been very nice when our little one gets some playmates as we travel and after some initial shyness the three of them played together very cutely. And until the shyness wore off our little one made herself right at home playing with their toys on her own.


We arrived in Munich around lunch time and spent most of the day relaxing. Everyone got naps and we were able to do laundry and lots of visiting; as well as come up with a plan to see Munich the following day. We really enjoyed a low key kind of day among friends, sort of a calm in the middle of the madness of three month train travels. Thank goodness it was such a relaxed day because it was not a relaxing night. Our toddler has molars everyone! – and she wanted the rest of the word to know about it. Even though they were very understanding, we are pretty sure our entire host family had a very degraded night of sleep. The diamond in the rough (small diamond / big rough / lots of searching) was that we weren’t in a hotel keeping up multiple floors of people.


On our full day in Munich we headed into the tourist sites. We took the train to one of Munich’s many “Platz’s” (square) and visited the largest toy store we had ever seen. After the initial shock wore off we were able to pull ourselves together and focus in on the toddler area; finding a couple things to get her and a couple things to put away for a surprise later. From there we walked down from Karlsplatz to Marienplatz. After snapping pictures of the Platz we took a fast walk up to the top of the church tower of St. Peter’s Church for a view of the city. We completed our tour with smoothies from the open air market and lunch at world famous Hofbrau House. The Hofbrau House was a good experience and a must do in Munich, but unfortunately it was not terribly enjoyable for us. After having spent all night awake teething, our little one was only a moment removed from complete meltdown throughout lunch. After lunch we headed towards home to for naps. After a couple of the longest naps ever taken, we headed out for dinner all the way … around the corner to their local beer garden followed by some playground time for the 3 kids.


The next morning in a complete whirl-wind we managed to get ourselves out of the house just slightly late, but still managed to catch the right bus and made our train – and off again we went!

Post-Game Notes:

Transportation – we arrived, easily via train, and then just as easily transferred to a bus that was just outside the train station. While in Munich we traveled using the bus and metro, both were very easy, clean, and safe to use.

Toy Store – This is not a specific site I’m review; but Germany toys and definitely the wooden toys are wonderful. Some of them you can buy in the United States and some can only be bought in Europe. Even if you can get them in the United States though, they are less expensive in Germany. We bought a HABA Plug and Stack Set and Twist and Turnables Blocks and still have them both and they are some of our favorite toys.

St. Peter’s Church – This is a very small church in comparison to many European cathedrals. It’s centrally located though and offers a wonderful view of the city with only a small walk of the church tower. – Should see


Hofbrau House – This was wonderful and I would love to go back some day without a teething toddler. Beyond the beer is wonderful German food and traditional music. It really could be fun for the whole family. – Must see


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