July 29th – Salzburg, Austria

After visiting Slovenia we took a VERY LONG train from Ljubljana to Salzburg, Austria (land of the Sound of Music). We were AMAZINGLY GRATEFUL that our little one was not old enough to properly appreciate this singular musical, and we were spared the four hour Sound of Music Bus tour complete with sing-a-longs and a trip to the famous Gazebo. Instead we traveled to Fortress Hohensalzburg by way of the funicular train, where we learned about the Fortress throughout history and also saw some very strange implements of torture.


After experiencing the castle we embarked on a different cultural venture with a trip to the Steigl Brewery for the beer factory tour. It was a very informational learning experience about Austrian breweries throughout history, and ended with a… scientific… tasting experience to properly round out the learning process. After the brewery we looked for some historical redemption with a trip to Mozart’s house in downtown Salzburg. After a successful day we headed back to the hotel and prepared for another Olmsted visit with the Murphy’s in Munich.


Post-Game Notes:

Guidebook – For the next leg of our trip we used Fodor’s Eastern and Central Europe
. We don’t’ normally use books that cover such a wide area because it means they only cover the cities; but in this case that was all we were covering as well. We occasionally hit an area not in the book but overall it was a perfect fit. It was great only having to carry around one book for more than 2 weeks of travel. For travel in Europe Fodor’s travel books are our go-to.

Transportation – We arrived vie the train and had a great trip making our way to Salzburg. Once at the train station we used busses to get around. The bus was very clean and easy to use as well as being very stroller friendly. We bussed from the train station to our hotel and then when traveling between our hotel and the center of town.

Lodging – We stayed at Motel One Salzburg-Sud for $106 a night. We had come across the Motel One chain of hotels when researching lodging in many European cities but had yet to stay in one. The hotel was fine, it was clean and had a trendy look; (which was not important to us). The rooms weren’t terrible big though and the hotel bar/restaurant had a very limited food menu. The location was right across the street from a bus stop, but for the price we would have hoped to have been closer to town. Lastly, the customer was adequate, but nothing more. We had been spoiled staying at Accor Hotels for much of the summer, even at their budget brands their customer service is always above and beyond.

Fortress Hohensalzburg – This was more than I expected, it was much more than just a castle. It was a castle, but also the walled fortress around it and all the spaces that were park of that. It was not very stroller friendly, but it was still well worth it. – Should see!


Steigl Brewery – This is located away from the city center, but it can be walked to or bussed to without too much trouble. This was a nice fun brewery to visit and as strange as this sounds it was very family friendly. The tour was self-guided and a mix of science, history and fun and once completed the tasting was in a restaurant environment not bar and you could order food to go along with it. – Fun!


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