July 26th – Ljubljana, Slovenia

A hidden gem in Eastern Europe: Slovenia!

We arrived at the Ljubljana train station and were met by friends – but by the time we arrived at the train station we had already started our love affair with this tiny country!!!! On the train trip in I had my face glued to the window drinking in the beautiful green rolling hills and Swiss-style chalets; I remarked to many times that we had been trudging through cities for a month and “wouldn’t it be nice if we could just spend some time enjoying the scenery of Slovenia.” Apparently the friends we were visiting had the same idea, because the itinerary they had planned for us was scenery in spades! On the day of our arrival we laid low and lounged in their lovely backyard where we were served a fabulous chicken curry meal. More importantly, it was a great place for our little one to run around in and experience the outdoors… or chase a balloon around.


The following morning the boys took a bike ride around Ljubljana and then we all drove out to Lake Bled to walk along the “V” gorge, which was amazing and picturesque, and followed that by an even more amazing time on the shore of Lake Bled itself, where we had a picnic lunch (which gave our little one the chance to run around even more and steal other children’s toys). Some of the group even got in the water to cool down before heading back to Ljubljana. We got back in enough time for an afternoon nap for some and a quick trip to a History Museum for the boys. After our quiet afternoon we had a wonderfully prepared dinner of some traditional local fare before heading into the center of Ljubljana for gelato and jazz. After a nice walk at sunset with some gelato we settled into one of our friends favorite establishments which featured jazz music outside. A good time was had by all including our little one who rotated taking each for a walk to meet everyone else there.


Post-Game Notes:

Transportation – We arrived by train which of course was great. Unfortunately I don’t have much information for you beyond that. We travel vie our hosts car most of the time. If you were to be staying in downtown Ljubljana I think you would find everything in the city within walking distance.

Lake Bled – Love it! If you are looking for something other than an urban experience I would highly recommend this area. There were picturesque walking areas, and lake with fun family activities and lots of room to picnic. This is an area that is well suited for people of all ages. – Must see!


Downtown Ljubljana – I would love to visit Ljubljana again someday! I would love to go back and stay right in the downtown and wonder through to small pedestrian friendly street and try a new family own restaurant every night for dinner and poke around the small shops during the day with my gelato.


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