July 18th – Prague, Czech Republic

We had a late arrival in Prague due to our Reichstag tour and subsequent long train ride, but we successfully checked into the Marriot Apartments (on the same street as go-go bars… coincidentally) and headed out for a traditional Prague dinner at a restaurant recommended by the hotel along the main pedestrian walkway.


The following day we trekked up to Prague Castle for the “castle short tour” which included two cathedrals, St. George’s Basilica and St Vitius’ Cathedral, the Royal Palace and Golden Lane. This was probably our most overcrowded tourist site since Versailles, with tour groups literally swamping the Castle with rogue tours wandering all over the compound. We managed to escape alive and spent a good deal of time wandering the small houses in Golden Lane – which initially was comprised of small houses underneath the castle walls but eventually was incorporated into the walls themselves. After the castle we walked down to the famous (and long) Charles Bridge, but light rain made us opt for a faster stroller ride and an afternoon nap back at the hotel.


Post nap and laundry we headed in a different direction than the previous night to check out a new area for dinner. We wound up at a very popular Fodor’s recommended place. We ended up eating dinner at a bar table while waiting for an actual table, which actually turned out better; a more casual environment for us with the same great food.


Post-Game Notes:

Guidebook – For the next leg of our trip we used Fodor’s Eastern and Central Europe
. We don’t’ normally use books that cover such a wide area because it means they only cover the cities; but in this case that was all we were covering as well. We occasionally hit an area not in the book but overall it was a perfect fit. It was great only having to carry around one book for more than 2 weeks of travel. For travel in Europe Fodor’s travel books are our go-to.

Transportation – When arriving in Prague we traveled vie tram from the train station to our hotel. From that point on we were able to walk almost everywhere we needed to go.

Lodging – We stayed at Marriott Executive Apartments for $79 a night. We choose to stay here to give use a little bit more space for a couple days, kitchen and laundry facilities. If you are on an extend trip this makes for a nice stop to regroup do some laundry. Otherwise you’ll be paying for features you don’t really need and can probably find better lodging options to put your money towards.

Prague Castle – This is clearly Prague’s biggest tourist attraction and with good reason. It has everything in one place you might see scattered around other cities; castle, cathedral, historic streets and more. I recommend getting there early as there will be big crowds. Also, we did this with a stroller and if we were to do it over again we would do the same, but Golden Lane was one of the harder places to getting around with a stroller. – Must See!


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