July 16th – Berlin, Germany

Day 2 in Berlin started off with some sun which was refreshing. This was to be our museum day, so we headed towards Museum Island for our little ones nap. A little overwhelmed by all the museums and knowing we would be lucky to make it through only one we went to Neues (New) Museum, which had just recently reopened after renovation. We ended up being very happy with our museum choice. It was a museum largely consisting of ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean artifacts and sculptures, which was a nice break from all the fine art museums we had seen. The building itself was also very interesting and had been restored beautifully. After being destroyed in World War II like much of Berlin there was not much left of the original building. The restoration did not try to recreate the old, instead it showcased the old and filled in destroyed areas with a simple modern palette, otherwise known as contemporary restoration.


After walking around Museum Island to at least appreciate the outside of the buildings we walked to Alexander Platz. The weather was actually so nice we were able to pick up some wurst and beers for us and corn on the cob for the little one at a “Beer Garden” type of place and ate right in the Platz. She was very happy with her corn on the cob and looked pretty cute eating too. We were just happy to be sitting outside in Germany surrounded by Germans and only a few tourists doing the same thing and enjoying the weather. After lunch we went to test ride a bicycle because we had hoped to do a bike tour of the city if the weather cooperated and since it was looking so nice we thought we’d go see what our little one thought about riding shotgun on the back of a bike and if they would have a helmet small enough. As it turned out they had lots bikes with kids seats and a miniature helmet with ladybugs that fit just right. After a ride around the Platz with no resistance from our little one we decided to plan on a bike tour the following morning. But for the time being we would be returning to the hotel for nap time.


That evening we decided to see what more Potsdamer Platz had to offer than rain and Chinese Food. As it turns out it is a very nice square with some very interesting architecture. We found a German restaurant this time around to try, dinner was great and we were able to find a high table which put our little one up at everyone else’s height and kept her completely entertained (and the wait staff completely distracted) the whole time we were there.


Post-Game Notes:

Guidebook – For the next leg of our trip we used Fodor’s Eastern and Central Europe
. We don’t’ normally use books that cover such a wide area because it means they only cover the cities; but in this case that was all we were covering as well. We occasionally hit an area not in the book but overall it was a perfect fit. It was great only having to carry around one book for more than 2 weeks of travel. For travel in Europe Fodor’s travel books are our go-to.

Museum Island – Overwhelming, in one word. We ended up having a great day here but should have spent more time preparing for our day. There is a lot to see, and had we been better prepared we could have made better use of our time. Museum Island is a must see, but what exactly to see there is up to personal taste and interest. – Must See


Neues (New) Museum – We greatly enjoyed our visit to the Neues Museum; both the exhibit and the museum itself. As an architect the restoration of the building itself was fascinating. – Should See, depending on interests


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