July 12th – Brussels, Belgium

We arrived in Brussels late morning and were greeted at the train station by a friend of ours whom we would be staying with during our visit there. After a morning nap for our little one followed by lunch and an introduction to Belgian beer we embarked on the Great Walking Tour of Brussels. We ended our jaunt with a visit to the Brussels City center followed by dinner at a restaurant in the center of the city. After a wonderful dinner we finished off with nutella and caramel crepes for dessert.


The next day we headed off to Bruges per out hosts recommendation and help. We took the day off from big tourist sites and instead just enjoyed wandering the streets of the medieval town; one of our favorite stops thus far in the trip. We did stop in at the Church of Our Lady to see the famous Madonna and Child sculpture by Michelangelo before sitting down for a slow relaxing lunch. After lunch we sampled some chocolates as we admired the wonderful window displays of the chocolatiers. And to complete our trip to Belgium we shared a Belgium waffle on our way back to the train station.


We met back up in Brussels for dinner before heading off to Berlin the next day; after too quick of visit!

Post-Game Notes:

Guidebook – We were actually staying with friends in Brussels which gave us the opportunity to send a package home of things we had accumulated and guidebooks we were done with. Leaving us with just one book, (which you’ll hear about at our next stop). While in Brussels we used their guidebooks. Their favorite and the one they sent us off sightseeing with was Rick Steves’ Snapshot Bruges and Brussels. We used a walking tour from it they recommend on our day to Bruges and worked great. If you are spending enough time in just this area for it to warrant its own book I would completely recommend this one.

Transportation – We took the train in and out of Brussels and for our day trip to Bruges. Unfortunately because we were staying with friends who had a car we didn’t explore any public transportation. So I have nothing of use to report here.

Lodging – Again, nothing to report here because we were fortunate enough to be staying with some wonderful hosts.

Brussels – A lovely city although we had very little time in it. It was very walkable and was a great way to see the city.


Bruges – A wonderful quant little town. We arrived by train and were able to walk everywhere within the town. Besides a handful of small sites to see there’s also great restaurants and bars to sample the local fare and drink. We also greatly enjoyed window shopping at all the chocolate shops.


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