June 30th – Barcelona, Spain

We continued our tour of Barcelona starting with Park Guell, designed by Gaudi. We took a beautiful relaxing walk through the lesser known areas of the park and ended with the main entrance, which of course was filled with crowds for good reason. We found a somewhat uncrowded corner and took a small break for pictures and more importantly to let our little one run around. After two skinned knees those of us not bleeding thought it might be time to move on. After such a fun lunch yesterday we did it all over again with a whole new layout of food. From the la Bouqueria Market we walked down to the waterfront before turning in for our afternoon naps.


That evening by an amazing stroke of good luck, we happened to be in Barcelona the same time as another good friend of ours who we were fortunate to be able to spend a nice dinner with.

Another great day, and a great visit to Barcelona! Tomorrow we head out to Madrid and see how this train travel with two backpacks and a toddler and a stroller will really work out. Hopefully we are just as optimistic about our trip at this time tomorrow.

Post-Game Notes:

Guidebooks – Since we were traveling light we kept our books to a minimum. For this leg of our trip we used Fodor’s Spain and were very happy with it. We never felt the need for a city specific guide. We have now used it for five trips to Spain and never needed anything more. For European travel in general Fodor’s are my go-to Travel Books.

Park Guell – We actually toured the park ‘backwards’ by accident, but I would actually recommend it if you have the time. It allowed us to see some of the lesser known areas and enjoy the quiet and nature of the park itself. If you are short on time (or interest) you can visit the park and never leave the view of the main entrance to see most of what there is to see. However unless you love pushy crowds and people posing for pictures this might not be the most enjoyable way to see the park. — Must See


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