Bucket List – 3 months in Europe

And we are off; on foot with two backpacks, a stroller and a 15 month old for 3 months. There was a mix of excitement and wondering if we were crazy as we locked up our front door and walked away from our house knowing we wouldn’t be home for months.

In college my basic financial plan consisted of saving and splurging. I was pretty frugal and would save up until I had enough to hop a plane somewhere, preferably Europe. This resulted in some pretty great trips, but I was never able to live my dream of getting 3 month Eurail passes and backpacking through Europe. Of course I didn’t have the money to make this trip, but the larger problem was not having the time. I couldn’t afford to take a summer off from working, all my other trips were around 2 weeks in duration and often during a school break. And then the unthinkable happened, I graduated and had to join the real world; working 50 out of 52 weeks a year and living paycheck to paycheck. So much to my dismay I came to terms with the fact that I missed my window. The window in which you can pick up and leave without a plan for months on end.

Fast forward 7 years from graduation and I am now married with a small child, not usually the time in one’s life to catch up on incomplete college experiences. But in our case we were living in Rabat, Morocco while my husband studied at a University there and it was summer break…So why not get 3 month Eurail passes, grab our backpacks and take off? We couldn’t come up with a reason so that’s exactly what we did!

There was a lot more to it than that of course, which we’ll get to in time – lodging, itinerary, gear, oh and did I mention we were doing it with a toddler. But that was just the prep work, the reward was 3 months of freedom from responsibility and reality! And it was worth every penny, every minute of planning and packing and I’m going to do it again someday…

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