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Random Project #001 – Decorating Pom-Poms

This project like most of the projects I do came from things I had laying around the house. I had some extra tissue paper pom-poms from a different project that I didn’t have a plan for. And I had a toddler with idle hands – a match made in heaven!

I used pre-made pom-poms from Michaels, but you could make the pom-poms yourself at home with just folded tissue paper and florist wire.

· Tissue paper pom-poms (pre-made, homemade, big, small, any work)
· Markers (any colors you like, washable is recommended)
· Scotch tape
· Fishing line (or other string or ribbon to hang the pom-pom with)


· If using homemade pom-poms, don’t make the pom-pom until the very end just use the plain tissue paper to start.
· If using store bought pom-poms carefully remove the wire tie holding the tissue paper together and put aside for later (maybe weeks later).
· Separate one piece of tissue paper from the others and lightly tape it at the corners to a child friendly work surface (the marker may go through the paper so make sure you are working on an easy surface to clean and with washable markers).

Decorating Pom-Poms 002


· Color freely!!! Until the sheet is full or attention span is reached. Repeat as often as desired until all the sheets are colored.


· When all the sheets are colored –
o If you are using a homemade pom-pom; use the sheets to make your pom-pom.
o If you are using a premade pom-pom, reassemble and tie with wire.
· Before unfolding the pom-pom tie one end of whatever you are planning on using to hang the pom-pom (fishing line, string, ribbon will all work) around the middle, where the wire is tied. Doing this step now will make hanging it much easier.
· Then puff your pom-pom! If you haven’t done this before, it’s kind of a pain. Slowly separate all the sheets, one at a time. Just take it slow and if you rip the paper a little no one but you will know so don’t worry about it. After all the sheets are separated re-fluff until you are happy and satisfied.
· Hang and Complete!

Job well done everyone!!!

Decorating Pom-Poms 003


Color – I used a white pom-pom with rainbow colored markers to match my little ones play room where it was to be hung. You could use different colored markers to match wherever yours will be going or different colored tissue paper. A colored pom-pom with silver writing would stand out in any children’s room; or you could have fun with your favorite sports team’s colors. Be creative. Also, this doesn’t have to be for a kid’s room, you could do it in colors to match your living room. I bet your little one would be so proud to have something of theirs hung in such a prominent spot.

Size – I used a large pom-pom because that’s what I had around. You could make this any size you want. If a small one seems more manageable to start with you could always do a couple of them to cluster together if all goes well.


I did do this project with my 2 ½ year old and I would call it a success. My measure of success though is largely based on whether or not my toddler was happy working on a creative project and it’s a bonus if I’m able to get something done nearby while keeping an eye on her at the same time.

The first sheet of paper she colored was not a lot of fun, we spent most of our time talking about how we had to be careful with the paper- “Gentle, Gentle.” But after one or two sheets, she got the hang of it and it went much better. She did still have little rips at the corners occasionally, but it was all within the realm of reasonable.

She also never colored more than 2 sheets in any given seating, and usually only one. But once we got the hang of what worked I would just leave a sheet taped to an extra play table we have so it was ready to go whenever she had the urge to color. I would just give her a cup with the markers we were using for this project and she would be off and running. No set up time was needed. Which is great because it’s much easier to switch out one piece of delicate tissue paper for the next without someone jumping up and down to help. If you don’t have an extra table to dedicate to this (and why would you) you could do the same by just taping the paper to a piece of cardboard (or wood) and pull it out and set it on the floor or table when it’s time to color.

As always – if you give this a try or have done anything like this I would love to know how it turned out and what tips you might have to add to the mix.

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