Easter Crafts

After having such great success with our Valentine’s Day crafts I thought we would try some for Easter as well. I came up with 2 projects that were perfect for my 3 year old, and could probably be done with her for the next couple of years.

The first is pretty similar to our Valentine’s Day craft. We made little Easter egg pockets to fill with a chocolate Easter egg. I was pretty happy with how they came out, but we needed something new too. The second project was Easter egg garland. She loved this one too, and they were both very different tasks for her. For the Easter egg pockets she practiced her sewing, lacing up the sides of the pockets and for the garland she just got to have fun decorating with stickers. Stickers are always a winner in our house.

Easter Egg Pockets

I’m actually not going to repeat the full instructions here since they are the same as when we made Valentine’s Day Hearts; only I didn’t have her put her name on the back, but that’s up to you.

Easter Egg 002

Easter Egg Garland
This one’s a piece of cake. I used foam eggs from my local craft store that I added holes to so they could be strung together at the end; you could also cut out your own eggs. We then decorated them with a combination of foam Easter stickers and foam shape sticker.


My little one decorated all the eggs first, 12 in total, over a couple day period; and then I strung them together with ribbon. She loves it! The first one we made was 3’ long and strings across the top of her door perfectly. She had such a good time though, I think we will probably be make some more and decorate the whole house.


All the materials for both of these products can be found at your local craft store or you can purchase pre-made kits at my shop!

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I would love to hear what other Easter Crafts you have been doing with your little ones! And if you try one of these please let me know how it goes!

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