BOB Revolution

As I have said before we lived overseas for the first two years of our little one’s life; and during this time we did a ridiculous amount of travel. Because of our strange lifestyle I did what can only be described as an unhealthy amount of research for each and every piece of baby gear we invested in. Including this one, the BOB Revolution Stroller.

We originally bought this stroller because my husband is a runner and wanted a jogging stroller. We talked about this for a long time because I knew this stroller wouldn’t be a replacement for any other stroller we would need over the lifetime of our child; we were just adding one to our total. That has turned out to be true, but we have also gotten far more use out of this stroller than I could possibly imagine.

First, this stroller became our go-to stroller for day to day use. When traveling in Morocco (where we lived) we never used a stroller, only carriers; but at home I used the BOB everyday. We lived in a city so I walked to run all our errands, which was great, but the sidewalks were horrible. I’m going to try to describe this quickly without creating another post – while walking down a sidewalk the paving might break, change, or not be there at any time; there are steps, ramps, and drop offs everywhere; and mostly the sidewalks are filled with parked cars which means you either walk in the street the whole time or jump on and off the sometimes 12 inch curb of the sidewalk based on parked cars. I know this is not the case for most people but for us we need the 16” wheels to go to the market. These conditions are why we never traveled with a stroller; when running errands though I needed the stroller to carry the groceries; I could not comfortably carry my child and all our groceries, it could be done, but not that much fun.

So this brings me to one of the two things I found the BOB great for above and beyond its targeted use as a jogging stroller. It was great for city living; it was a great car replacement. Our little one was so comfortable in it and we have all the accessories so we could go out in any weather and she loved long walks. It also can support a lot a lot of weight, far more than they tell you; for example nowhere in the instruction manual does it mention that you can fit 6 bottles of wine in the basket underneath and that with the high ground clearance you don’t have to worry about hitting them on the ground going over curbs. This is a great stroller for city living and while it looks huge it actually maneuvers better than you would think in tight spaces. Note: Our other stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller which I love, but if we still lived in an urban area the BOB would be my go to stroller for running errands.

The other area in which the BOB completely exceeded expectations was in the snow. When our little one was 9 months old we were planning a trip to the Swiss Alps during the winter. So my new mission was to figure out how to keep her warm. We got the full snow suit and boots and more layers than you would have thought possible to put on someone that small. I also knew that much of the time we could keep her in a carrier under my jacket if we needed to. But we were staying in a perfect little alpine village and I knew we would want to go for walks and knew she would love to be able to see the world around her from her stroller. So we bought the BOB Warm Fuzzy, which is their wool seat pad and the BOB Weather Shield and they worked great. The locals had sleds to pull or push their babies in, but our 16” tires did just as well. There was a snowstorm the day we arrived and it kept going on and off the whole time we were there and we never had any problems maneuvering. She also stayed perfectly warm in her little bubble. It was amazing!

Well for anyone still reading lets move onto what the BOB is actually made for; jogging. It does it great and I’m sure their website can tell you all the details about why, all I know is it works. The thing we liked about the BOB was the fact that the front tire could be locked for serious running and unlocked for day to day use which is what made using it in all the above scenarios possible. When my husband decided he really wanted a jogging stroller and we talked about what that meant for our stroller collection making sure that we got one that could be used like a normal stroller with a rotating front wheel and for jogging was a must.

Okay lets wrap this up for everyone:

It’s amazing!
It can be used from birth*
It can be used until 70 lbs or they outgrow strollers
Great storage; under seat basket, behind seat basket, childrens pockets in the seat
Versatility; rotating from wheel allows for life beyond jogging
Great Accessories, see below

Not portable, (in my opinion, I like an easy one handed fold and pickup)
No lock to keep it folded

Infant Car Seat Adapter – * You can use the BOB from birth with the car seat adapter. We didn’t get this. We started using the BOB at 3 months, (when it arrived with the rest of our belongings overseas). That was as early as we could have started using it without the adaptor. We also didn’t start using it for jogging until much later.

Handlebar Console – This is the only accessory we ordered when we first bought our BOB and I was pretty disappointed in it when it arrived, it looked disappointing. But it works great, I recommend getting it immediately and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Warm Fuzzy – This is their wool seat liner which does a great job keeping in warmth during the winter months. I have also been able to use it in our other stroller, (the Baby Jogger City Mini). We can also fold both strollers with it installed as well.

Weather Shield – We used this in conjunction with the Warm Fuzzy to create our mobile oasis in the snow and keep our little one warm. I’ve also used this to go out in the pouring rain; umbrella for me, weather shield for her and she stayed perfectly dry.

Sun Shield – I loved the Weather Shield so much I bought this immediately. Even though it’s hard to see in she can see out fine and it gives her sun protection. It also works as a sun screen although we have never had a need for that; we have used it to cut down that wind.

Note: If you were only going to get one I would get the Weather Shield, but I love both.

Other accessories that are available but we don’t have – Travel Bag, Handlebar Console with Tire Pump, Snack Tray, Fitness Kit.

More Notes:
BOB Revolution, Double – This stroller is also available as a double. We don’t have that, but everyone I know that does have it loves it and can’t imagine living without it. Someone did tell me that she sold her single when she got her double thinking she didn’t need both, and regretted that. Even with the extra storage requirement she wished she had kept both.

Video – I don’t do videos, I’m not that cool, but I love this website for their product review videos they are all awesome. You can find their review on the latest BOB here.

$$$ – Yes if you get the stroller and a few accessories it can add up fast. The first thing I’ll say is you get what you pay for, it’s great quality and will stay with you for as many years as you want to use it. When we decided to go this direction we also decided that this would be our one big stroller that we would put money into so we could use it for everything; we weren’t planning on spending this much on any other stroller we got. Here’s a hint you are going to want to remember though; if you have time wait until right after Christmas or New Years. Right before they release their version that have a big sale on the outgoing version. That’s when we got ours and any savings helps!

I’m not sure it’s possible, but have I missed anything? Anyone have anything else they want to share, please do!

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