Olive Oil Tastings

So while I love my wine tasting (don’t worry sherry is a wine, I haven’t forgotten about those), I have recently discovered another type of tasting that was pretty amazing, Oil Tastings! I didn’t even know they existed, but yes apparently you can taste test oil. At first, I wondered why anyone would want to possibly do that, but it’s actually really good. I promise!

The place I went to is called Temecula Olive Oil Company and they grow their own olives and make olive and balsamic oils, spreads, dips, and whatnot. I now own most all of these (and there are a lot).

You start like a wine tasting with the whites and then move on. They pour oil into a thimble size plastic cup, only a tiny bit of a half dozen different olive oils. The ones that stand out in my mind the most are the citrus and garlic (I might have come home with those too). After, you try a couple different balsamic. And, then they suggest what olive oil to mix with which balsamic and make magic happen, perfect blends for salads or dipping bread. It’s wonderful and alarmingly addicting.

I have also been to We Olive which is located throughout California. They offer both olive oil and wine tasting at several locations. Although I have not been able to check it out the wine tasting at We Olive first hand … yet, it sounds like a perfect combination. I did find what is still one of my favorite cooking staples there, an aged balsamic that makes everything better. I think it’s about time to pay them another visit.

Has anyone else tried an olive oil tasting? What did you think?


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