Tents and Tunnels

This was amazing- Santa is a genius! Last year Santa brought our 20 month old the Ultimate Playland Play Tent by PlayHut. He’s very sneaky – it was set up, completely taking over the house and surrounding the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. She was over the moon. At only 20 months I thought she might be a bit timid at first. That could not have been further from the truth. She immediately dove in, and within an hour all four grandparents had snaked their way through the tunnels as well.


Santa picked the PlayHut tent and tunnels structure because he had heard good things about the quality and durability of their tents from friends who had tried out several different brands. We were not disappointed. One year later with tons of use it has held up well. It is also very easy to set up in a wide variety of arrangements. And, most shockingly when this massive set of tents and tunnels arrived it was in an unbelievably small box. I laughed at the idea of it ever fitting in something that small again – but it really does fold down to a much slimmer size! In no time it can be folded down and slid under a bed.

Santa may have also had ulterior motives with this gift. This massive scale tents and tunnel structure was part of our moving plan that happen several months after Christmas. Knowing that we would be living in an empty house for months, without most of our belongings and furniture, I thought this would be perfect time for a (collapsible) large play structure. When else can you take over most of a house with a childs toy and have it not interfere with anything? Also, an empty house does not provide a lot of long term entertaining for a toddler, but a living room full of tents was great. It was also a nice treat for her in the middle of such a chaotic time.

Now I would love to include a link to Amazon, where Santa bought it from last year, for $107- but I can’t. Amazon is not currently selling it themselves. They are listing it for sale from a couple other retailers and for over $150 plus shipping. While I still love this product I’m not sure I would recommend it at that price. I’ll keep searching though and let you know if I find it at a better price.

Until then I have found a couple other options, one small and one medium sized, at resemble corresponding prices. Both are by PlayHut. If anyone out there has used either of these- please let me know what you think!

UPDATE – Amazon is now selling the Ultimate Playland Play Tent again!!! The price is a little more then I paid, but the shipping is free which always helps.

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