Deuter Backpack Carrier

We have a full arsenal of baby and toddler carriers. They have been our primary means of towing our little one and we have been very happy with almost all of them. Do you really need more than one, or even one at all, well of course not. But is it nice to have at least one, and if possible more than one? Well, yes! They each have their own role and do them great. In the early days we loved our Moby Wrap, and for all around use the Ergo is our go-to; but for real adventures it’s the Deuter Kid Comfort II all the way!

Basic Description – This is a full backpack carrier with an external metal frame. Its support system is very similar to that of an external frame hiking backpack, and is fully adjustable to fit the body frame of the user. At 5 feet 3 inches, with 40 pounds of cargo I can hike comfortably for a full day, (and no I am not a picture of health and fitness). Besides being great for the obvious more rigorous activities, we love it for the winter. It’s a great solution for a toddler bundled from head to toe in a snowsuit; completely unable to move. We started using the carrier around 6 months, but could be used as soon as the baby can hold his or her head up. At 2 and a half we are still using it with no signs of stopping!

Easy to use and comfortable over long periods
Sturdy, secure frame for demanding actives
It can be used until they outgrow being carried
It has a large storage pocket, and can fit everything needed for a day out
Children have great visibility from the carrier
Sun shade, and rain cover*

No stirrups for older children’s feet (this is the only and very small con)

* The sun shade and rain cover are sold as add-ons, and are a must have. If you’re going to get the carrier you should just buy the cover at the same time. We didn’t and ended up regretting not having it on the first big trip we used the carrier; (we bought the cover before our next trip).

This is a great carrier for anyone with an active lifestyle that isn’t planning on slowing down just because they’ve added one more to the group!

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