Ergo Carrier

We lived overseas for the first two years of our little one’s life. During this time we did a ridiculous amount of traveling in areas not suited for a stroller. Which meant we had a full arsenal of carriers. Our favorites are; the Moby Wrap (nb – 6m), the ERGObaby Baby Carrier (nb – current), and our Deuter Child Carrier (6m – current). If we had to pick just one it would be the Ergobaby Performance Carrier . It’s works for every occasion (although it may not always be the ideal choice).

Easy to use and comfy
Soft carrier, no bulky frame
If can be used from birth*
It can be used until they outgrow being carried
It can be used in the front or on the back
It has an add-on storage pocket that can be attached or unattached**
Built-in hood to support the head of a sleeping baby or toddler

Your child can’t face outwards while on your front

* You can use the ergo from birth with the infant insert. We used it a little. A fall or winter baby would work great, but a spring or summer baby would be too hot. The ergo is a soft carrier so it’s already going to be warm and the insert was too hot for comfort. We used the Moby wrap for the first 6 months and transitioned into the Ergo after.

** The storage pouch is awesome! I waited a year before getting it and now it’s all I use. It clips easily to the Ergo and is large enough for a snack and toy. You could also fit one or two disposable diapers and a small bag of wipes if you wanted (it does not fit a sippy cup). I would describe the size as slightly smaller than I would like it, but probably as big as it needs to be (if it were bigger I would carry stuff that I don’t really need). The pouch also has its own strap. When not attached to the ergo it can be used as a purse, which is what I do. I got frustrated moving my few personal items (mostly it’s all the kids stuff) from one bag to the other. Instead, I just use the ergo pouch- it has greatly limited my playing of musical bag as I run out the door.

We also have the teething pads which didn’t work for us, at least not as designed. Our little one loved chewing on the straps, but not the teething pads. So while it did kept the straps clean it didn’t provided her a designated chewing spot.

Now that our little one is a toddler, and likes to do her own walking, I use the ergo as a back up plan. I hate pushing the stroller without a child and it limits me to one hand. Not to mention it’s cumbersome to deal with. So for small outings, when she wants to walk, I put the ergo on (lightweight and does not encumber me) with the attached pouch/purse and we are off and running. If at some point I need both hands or she gets tired of walking I will just put her in the Ergo. I will admit wearing the Ergo without child is not the best fashion statement, but as far as I’m concerned it’s well worth the benefits.

This was certainly longer than you probably signed on for but the ergo has been a solid friend to us. It comes along for all of our traveling. I hope you give the Ergo a try and that it’s just as good to you as it has been to us!

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